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Lectures from Hell XIV: The Power of Socialism

If untalented intellectuals can’t get appreciation, they can at least get even - through socialism.

Editor’s Note: Recently, Liberty Nation received extraordinary documents from DiaboLeaks containing lectures straight out of hell. They provide unique insight into the inner workings and machinations of devils in infiltrating and corrupting the minds of humans. Each week, we will post a different Lecture from Hell. The demonic influence revealed is shocking. This short parody was inspired by the wonderful work of C.S. Lewis in his entertaining and enlightening epistolary novel, The Screwtape Letters, written in 1942.

My dear gentledevils,

I am not quite finished with Marx and his theory. I have yet to cover one of its most powerful features: its appeal to the almost-talents. We demons don’t care about the politics of the petty humans. It’s much the same for us. We can exploit any politician and system for our purpose. However, we do have a special fondness for the governance that Marx so passionately defended while still somewhat alive, namely socialism and communism.

On the surface, it appeals to fairness and equality, but the primary motivation for most who embrace it is envy. It has proven a vehicle for releasing the most demonic forces imaginable! When Marx first gained traction with his theories, he appealed to the workers. They were living in harsh conditions, and it was easy to spark the flame of envy in them. It gave us a few decades of joyful revolution, and we relished in the fresh supply of souls for our consumption.

However, something terrible happened. A system based on voluntary trade and production uplifted millions of the vermin from the poverty and misery we had worked so hard to create and maintain. Marx called it capitalism. It turned out that all his economic theories were wrong. To be frank, we were starting to lose confidence in our victory for a while during the most rapid economic development. All those workers lost interest in socialism because they became prosperous. The middle class, they call them now. What dreadful creatures.

To our amazement, the intellectuals were still interested in socialism, even while it was failing everywhere. In fact, their interest grew along with its disastrous outcomes. At first, we didn’t understand what was happening, but when we sent our agents to listen in on their thoughts, we discovered the most hateful, envious, and blackened souls we had ever encountered.

Eventually, we cracked the code. Capitalism benefits most people. It uplifts everyone, poor and rich alike, but one group felt left behind: the almost-talents. These are humans who are just smart enough to belong to the cognitive elite but not talented enough to become the stars of the capitalist economy.

They feel so important and talented that they believe it is their birthright to rule the world and outshine everyone – a sentiment with which we devils can sympathize – but their talents are just shy of stardom. They are relegated to meager-paying jobs in dreary universities where they remain under-appreciated and unfulfilled.

Over time, envy and hate grow in them, much like the Enemy warned about in the Book when he told the story of Cain and Abel. They come to learn that existence is violence. To exact revenge on reality, they embrace socialism. If they can’t get appreciation, they can at least get even. Although these almost-talents are not the best, they are still smart and work in full-time positions in academia where they can devote their entire lives and careers to pure and unadulterated evil. It is delightfully dark and ugly.

Socialism’s real power is its ability to bring out the worst in people, especially in the almost-talents. That is useful for our cause and one of the reasons Our Father Below keeps Marx as one of his most cherished pets. On that note, we conclude this chapter on this hero of the netherworlds.

Until next time,

Professor Thornside

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