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by | May 30, 2024 | Daily, Politics

Trump as Jury Deliberates: ‘It’s a Disgrace’

The jury has concluded its first day of deliberations in the Donald Trump hush-money trial without reaching a verdict. “Trump spoke outside the Manhattan courtroom Wednesday,” Fox News reports. “‘You have a very, very, I mean, what is very unfair is that I’m not campaigning, in this room all day long, from morning to night in the Biden witch hunt,’ Trump said. He lamented that a lot of key witnesses were not called by the prosecution that he says should have been. He didn’t name names due to his gag order,” the network notes.

‘Ought to Be Ended Immediately’: “‘The other thing, the confusion is nobody knows what the crime is because there’s no crime. Nobody knows what the crime is. The DA didn’t name the crime. They don’t know what the crime is. That’s what the problem is. It’s a disgrace, Trump added. ‘This thing ought to be ended immediately. The judge ought to end it and save his reputation.’” Related: The Trump trial machinations conclude…

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Democrats Will Pour $100 Million Into Abortion Ad Blitz

Can they make voters forget about immigration, crime and the economy? “Democrats’ House Majority PAC is planning a $100 million investment in advertising and voter mobilization focused on abortion rights as many in the party look to the issue to energize voters and win back control of the lower chamber in November,” The Hill reports. “The Reproductive Freedom Accountability Fund will be spent in swing districts nationwide, according to a new memo, and work to increase voter outreach in key House races where there aren’t competitive presidential or Senate primaries on the ticket,” the news site details.

Worried About Their Blue Base? “The super PAC pointed to [claims of] abortion’s success as an energizing issue for voters during the 2022 midterm elections. They stressed that threats to abortion rights are even more salient this cycle and that Democrats need to remind voters of the issue. The new fund includes $85 million on paid messaging in areas ‘where reproductive freedom will be a critical issue,’ including Denver, Portland, Ore., Los Angeles and New York City.” Related: Immigration might just trump abortion for the 2024 election…


Police Chief Out at Troubled Seattle Department

The leading blue city in the Pacific Northwest continues to be plagued by law enforcement woes. “Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz has been removed from his post as the city’s top cop, Mayor Bruce Harrell said Wednesday, a major shake-up in the Police Department as the city struggles to add new officers and right its increasingly shaky reputation,” The Seattle Times reports. “He will be replaced in the interim by Sue Rahr, the one-time King County sheriff,” the paper writes.

Woke and In Charge: “The leadership overhaul is the culmination of months of internal strife and a parade of allegations that Diaz’s police force was unwelcoming and even discriminatory toward women and people of color. When she was academy director, Rahr’s national profile grew just as Black Lives Matter protests were gaining momentum in the wake of Michael Brown’s killing in Ferguson, Missouri. Rahr popularized the ‘guardians, not warriors’ motto for policing and served on President Barack Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.” Related: Seattle’s self-destruct: From firing cops to hiring pimps…


Google Faces Fallout From Massive Search Algorithm Leak

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how it operates? “Google’s search algorithm is perhaps the most consequential system on the internet, dictating what sites live and die and what content on the web looks like. But how exactly Google ranks websites has long been a mystery, pieced together by journalists, researchers, and people working in search engine optimization,” The Verge reports. “Now, an explosive leak that purports to show thousands of pages of internal documents appears to offer an unprecedented look under the hood of how Search works – and suggests that Google hasn’t been entirely truthful about it for years,” the tech news site relates.

Under the Hood: “Rand Fishkin, who worked in SEO for more than a decade, says a source shared 2,500 pages of documents with him with the hopes that reporting on the leak would counter the ‘lies’ that Google employees had shared about how the search algorithm works. The leak outlines what data Google collects from webpages, sites, and searchers and offers indirect hints to SEO experts about what Google seems to care about, as SEO expert Mike King wrote in his overview of the documents.” Related: Google’s favorite fact-checker Poynter goes full Marie Antoinette…


Yale Appoints First Non-Interim Female President

Her track record indicates she won’t be providing a pivot from Ivy League wokeness. “A cultural historian and the president of Stony Brook University has been named the 24th president of Yale University,” The Hartford Courant reports. “Maurie McInnis, 58, who earned her Ph.D. in art history, will succeed Peter Salovey as of July 1. She was the unanimous choice of the Yale Corporation, the university’s board of trustees, according to Josh Bekenstein, senior trustee and chairman of the search committee,” the paper chronicles.

Not A Bold New Direction: “McInnis has written and edited numerous books and articles focused on the politics of art and slavery in the 19th-century American South, and has co-curated and contributed research to exhibitions and archival projects, winning prizes and other accolades, Bekenstein said. And as the inaugural chair of the board of the New York Climate Exchange, she led the establishment of an international climate change solutions center in New York City.” Related: Parents seek tuition refund amidst college protests…

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