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by | Apr 23, 2024 | Daily, Politics

NYC Trump Trial Kicks Off With First Witness

And they’re off. “Jurors in former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial in New York got their first glimpse Monday of the arguments both sides plan to make over the course of the historic proceedings, with the prosecution and defense teams presenting their opening statements as Trump looked on,” CBS News reports. “Prosecutors also called their first witness to the stand: David Pecker, the former CEO of American Media Inc., or AMI, the parent company of the National Enquirer. The state alleges Pecker helped Trump during the 2016 campaign by burying negative stories about him and attacking his rivals,” the network writes.

‘Election Interference’: “Pecker testified for less than a half hour before the court adjourned for the day. He will resume testimony on Tuesday, after a hearing over whether Trump should be held in contempt of court for defying a gag order imposed by the judge in the case. Arriving at the courthouse, Trump claimed the trial was ‘election interference’ and part of an effort to keep him off the campaign trail. He called the case a ‘witch hunt’ and ‘a shame.’” Related: Trump hush money criminal trial begins…

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Judge Engoron Approves Trump Bond Source

Count a small victory for Donald Trump in Judge Arthur Engoron’s courtroom. “The New York judge on Monday accepted the $175 million bond Trump posted to appeal his civil fraud case, but he imposed several new conditions to ensure sufficient cash funds remain available,” Axios reports. “Approving the bond for the appeal will prevent New York Attorney General Letitia James from seizing Trump’s assets or freezing his bank accounts while he fights the judgment,” the news site notes.

With Conditions: “While Engoron allowed the bond to stand, Trump and Knight Specialty Insurance Company agreed to meet several new requirements, per a spokesperson from the New York State Attorney General’s office. These include that Knight will retain ‘exclusive control’ of the $175 million account, and the company and Trump will provide a monthly account statement certifying that there are sufficient cash funds for the bond.” Related: NY AG Letitia James hit hard by reality…


Supreme Court Tilts Toward Oregon in Homeless Case

Progressive homeless activist arguments did not appear to be persuasive. “A majority of US Supreme Court justices on Monday appeared sympathetic to an Oregon city making it a crime for anyone without a permanent residence to sleep outside in an effort to crack down on homeless encampments across public properties,” ABC News reports. “The case, City of Grants Pass v. Johnson, carries enormous stakes nationwide as communities confront a growing tide of [homeless] residents and increasingly turn to punitive measures to try to incentivize people to take advantage of social services and other shelter options,” the network relates.

Right to Be a Public Nuisance? “‘These generally applicable laws prohibit specific conduct and are essential to public health and safety,’ argued the city’s attorney Theane Evangelis during oral arguments, which stretched more than two and a half hours. Justice Amy Coney Barrett wondered aloud whether the Eighth Amendment could reasonably be invoked to prohibit punishment for hungry people who steal food or engage in other behaviors necessary for survival. ‘How do we draw these difficult lines about, you know, public urination and those sorts of things?’ she asked.” Related: A year of living dangerously – homelessness breaks all records…


Feds: Migrants Flown to Mass. Eligible For Victim Visas

The Biden administration keeps coming up with new ways to allow illegal aliens into the country. “Some of the 49 migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard by the state of Florida are now able to legally work in the United States and have temporary protections from deportation – because they are considered victims of a potential crime, their attorney says,” The Miami Herald reports. “The migrants are eligible for protections because they applied for a special kind of visa meant for crime victims who are helping law enforcement in the investigation of suspected criminal activity,” the paper details.

Golden Tickets: The illegal aliens “applied for what are known as U visas last year after they said they had been tricked into taking charter flights from San Antonio, Texas, to the Massachusetts island with false promises of jobs and other aid, said Rachel Self, an attorney for the migrants. After waiting for more than a year, some migrants earlier this month received ‘bona fide determinations’ in their U visa petition, a status that allows them to obtain temporary work permits and protects them from deportation until their visa becomes available, Self said. It was not immediately clear how many migrants had received that status from the federal government.”


Mistrial Declared in Trial of Rancher Accused of Shooting Migrant

A high-profile murder trial in Arizona has resulted in an impasse. “Jurors in the murder case against a Nogales-area rancher accused of killing an unarmed migrant on his property were unable to reach a unanimous verdict and remained deadlocked on the charges,” The Arizona Republic reports. “After more than 15 hours of deliberation, the judge declared a mistrial just after 4:30 pm Monday,” the paper states.

Disputed Death: “The trial centered on the Jan. 30, 2023, death of Mexican migrant Gabriel Cuen Buitimea, who was found shot after rancher George Alan Kelly fired warning shots into the air, his defense attorney said. Kelly faced a second-degree murder charge in Buitimea’s death, and a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for putting another man, Daniel Ramirez, in danger. Kelly’s defense attorney alleged that Kelly saw a group of armed migrants and shot up in the air as a warning. Prosecutors said Kelly shot Buitimea with a barrage of bullets. Although spent casings were found near the property, no bullet was ever retrieved.” Related: Violence at southern border hits Americans where they live…

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