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Lectures From Hell II: Truth Is a lie

A primer on Diabolical Correctness, inspired by The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.

Editor’s Note: Recently, Liberty Nation received extraordinary documents from DiaboLeaks containing lectures straight out of hell. They provide unique insight into the inner workings and machinations of devils in infiltrating and corrupting the minds of humans. Each week, we will post a different Lecture from Hell. The demonic influence revealed is shocking. This short parody was inspired by the wonderful work of C.S. Lewis in his entertaining and enlightening epistolary novel, The Screwtape Letters, written in 1942. 

My dear gentledevils,

The Enemy has a most seductive message: Truth. Being the Creator and all, He has rigged the game so that the humans find evidence of truth everywhere they look. It makes our challenge of world domination exceedingly difficult. But Our Father Below knows the real truth – that the truth is a lie.

There is no objective truth, only narrative. Those who have the power will be able to tell the stories that humans believe. Indeed, that is why you have been so carefully selected to this elite university. You will be trained in the art of seducing your patients to believe the stories you are whispering to them. If they believe you, you own them. If you can keep them in your grip long enough until they join the spiritual realm in death, you have secured your dinner. Feasting on their souls will be your reward.

Some of you may now be confused, thinking that I have stated a contradiction. How can a truth be a lie? Savor that feeling because it is precisely how we defeat the Enemy. If we can make the humans believe contradictions, their confusion and cognitive dissonance will cloud their judgment. If they cannot think straight, they are easier to seduce and control.

When I say that the truth is that truth is a lie, it is really a shorthand for Diabolical Correctness (D.C.). We are all subjects of Our Father Below. We are in his grip, and he has his ways of punishing those who stray away from what he dictates to be D.C.

Contradiction is just another word for conflict, and it pleases Father much if we can turn the whole world into a battlefield.

But the Enemy has stacked the cards against us. As the Creator, He has woven the red thread of His Truth through every being and existent in the universe. It makes the world inconveniently logical and comprehensible. However, He made a grave error. He created the humans with free will. They have the capacity to be disobedient, to go against their nature, to corrupt their souls and disavow the truth. That is the backdoor Our Father Below used all those eons ago in the Garden of Eden.

The vermin made a deal with the devil: They traded their boring existence in the Garden with exciting new knowledge and discoveries. All he wanted in return was their disobedience to the Enemy. We cannot force the humans to do anything. They must choose it. But we can influence them. We have had thousands of years of practice to perfect our craft of temptation. I am pleased to tell you that we have managed to harvest many a soul over the ages.

Our success demonstrates the power of Our Father Below and that the truth can be overcome by sheer willpower. In our next lecture, I will introduce you to one of our most powerful methods of persuasion: word control.

Until next time,

Professor Thornside

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