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The American NGO Migrant CON and How It Works

A major tax-exempt U.S. NGO has been coaching migrants to pretend they are Christian victims of religious persecution in order to gain asylum in Europe, an undercover video reveals.

An associate working with Canadian blogger and political activist Lauren Southern recorded Ariel Ricker, executive director of Advocates Abroad, admitting that her team of lawyers advises migrants how to fool “f**king stupid” European asylum officials into believing they are oppressed Christians, thus paving the way for entry onto the continent.

Team of Lawyers

According to its website, Advocates Abroad “has run over 480 field missions in four countries. These missions of legal and non-legal aid that were provided often around the clock, ensured that more than 15,000 refugees in Greece and 2,500 outside of Greece have been informed of their rights.”

Ariel Ricker

An article published by the International Bar Association and listed on Advocates Abroad’s website reports that “[o]ver 220 lawyers from around the world have volunteered with the organisation, and at any one time a team of 35 lawyers is working on the ground. Another 206 people are active members and help with research or give advice.”

The organization is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt NGO registered in Honolulu, Hawaii, where Ricker lived for a few years before heading to Europe.

Framing the Con

In the undercover video, Ricker is startlingly frank in describing how her team of lawyers trains asylum seekers to con the system. “I tell them that this is, um, acting. All of this is acting. It’s all acting as though this is theater.” This Ricker said to George Llewelyn-John, who lists himself as director of Southern’s planned documentary film Borderless on his Twitter page.

Ricker then shows the regard her organization has for the European asylum officials she is trying to scam in a harshly vulgar tone. “So for [the migrants] to get through, they must act their part in the theater, and that is the refugee in trauma because these [European Asylum Support Office] officers are so f**king stupid, all they know is what’s written on the paper.”[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”24″]…we turn logic on its head and sow the seeds of our own destruction.[/perfectpullquote]

And the best way to con these “stupid” asylum officers is to pretend one is an oppressed Christian fleeing religious persecution. This is thought to be especially effective in Orthodox Christian Greece.

Ricker advises migrants to be very specific in detailing their traumatic experiences. “‘In December 2017, in Izmir, Turkey, I was threatened for being a Christian because my boss and his friends jumped me when I was leaving my church. This is the Bible they tried to tear up, this is the crucifix I was wearing that they tried to tear, and it made me feel unsafe as a Christian in Turkey.’ Ba-boom!”

Ricker is so cynical she even coaches the asylum seekers in how to pray like Christians in order to effectively pull off their act. “We actually do roleplay,” she candidly states. Ricker claims that it is not enough for a migrant to say Christmas is their favorite holiday. They must also include phrasings of deeply felt religious belief to better sway asylum officials.

“You have to say this a certain way which is, like, December 25th, which is Christmas, which is the birthday of our Lord and Savior,” she explains to Llewelyn-John.

Reason Over Emotion

Bold cons like this are the natural endgame to the constant appeals for “compassion” trumpeted by open borders advocates in America and Europe. We were set up for this years ago. By falling for the patently absurd idea that we can absorb all the problems in the world into our populace, we turn logic on its head and sow the seeds of our own destruction. How is it compassionate to turn a once-great American city like Los Angeles into another Mexico City, with all the same poverty, crime, and misery merely shifted from one locale to another? It’s shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic, and nothing more.

Open borders advocates use mindless appeals to compassion as a weapon against us to destroy our nations. As the mass migration of peoples to the West continues at a furious pace, misplaced emotion is our greatest weakness. The crisis is severe, and the times call for sober, unflinchingly honest action. Sadly, these traits are almost entirely lacking in most of the leading institutions of the West today.

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