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Test Your News Knowledge Quiz – June 23, 2024

by | Jun 23, 2024 | Articles, Quizzes

Test Your News Knowledge - 6/23/24
1. Who has Donald Trump recently announced as a new possibility for the Vice President?
2. After establishing a soft-on-crime approach, California’s largest city, Los Angeles, is now forced to put lock shields over the bolts of ______ to stop them from being stolen.
3. After his conviction on June 11, Hunter Biden’s defense team made the argument that he should never have been asked about his drug use because it violates his:
4. First Lady Jill Biden is rolling out a program called _______ to engage voters who are 65 and older.
5. A December 2020 report from The Hill shows that Donald Trump faced multi-state lawsuits more times than any other president. The state of ______ alone sued the former president 100 times.
6. What anti-Trump network is stage-managing the June 27 presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump?
7. President Joe Biden recently signed a ten-year defense pact with:
8. Even after the Supreme Court nixed efforts to ban ________, Chuck Schumer is once again pushing legislation through the Senate to do precisely that.
9. A controversial new state law in Louisiana requires classrooms to display a copy of:
10. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was first a memo sent from the desk of __________ and is now under fire for being created without proper authority.

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