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Test Your News Knowledge Quiz – July 7, 2024

Test Your News Knowledge - 7/7/24
1. When it comes to alcohol consumption, the Mayo Clinic suggests no more than ___ drink(s) per day for a man and _____ drink(s) for a woman to avoid health complications.
2. Initially determined in 1984 but recently overturned by SCOTUS, _______ refers to the doctrine of judicial deference given to administrative action.
3. Hillary Clinton continues to use her platform to spread her worries and concerns about ______ to young children in TV shows, films, and cartoons.
4. In Donald Trump’s presidential immunity case (Trump v. US), the Supreme Court ruled that any actions charged as a crime must be examined _____
5. For the first time in ten years, US Military bases are placed on the second-highest level alert due to threats of attacks in ______.
6. ___ out of the six polls carried out since June 28 (after the June 27 debate) show former President Trump is favored over President Biden.
7. What was the name of George Washington’s favorite foxhound that served as a companion, hunter, and tracker during the Revolutionary War?
8. The British recently voted in an election that ended 14 years of Conservative Party rule and handed over the power to the:
9. According to the McKinsey and Co. consumer survey, the primary reason people all over the world would ditch electric vehicles is because of:
10. Customs and Border Protection failed to properly vet 7.1 million immigrants who still received _______ issued by the Department of State.

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