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SAY WHAT? Fascist Trump’s Concentration Camps?

There’s quite enough fascism to go around these days.

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Columns, Gun Control, Opinion, Politics

Say What is the segment of Liberty Nation Radio where we unveil some of the most wacky, astonishing, and damnable things uttered by politicians and the chattering class

Tim Donner: As many problems as Joe Biden had, there was a clear winner for the single most outrageous statement of the week, though the source is entirely unsurprising. It was the new goddess of progressive politics, the conscience of socialists everywhere, it seems, the young woman who was a bartender until two years ago and is now in rapid ascendancy as Democrats move further and further toward the electoral cliff, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). She fired off a homemade video meant to reverse the facts on the ground proving our southern border is being overwhelmed by immigrants seeking asylum.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The United States is running concentration camps on our southern border, and that is exactly what they are. They are concentration camps … This week, immigrant children were moved to the same internment camps where the Japanese were held. We are losing to an authoritarian and fascist presidency.

Tim: Just to set the record straight, illegal immigrants and asylum seekers, now numbering about 75,000 a month, have led us to a breaking point. Even most Democrats are finally admitting it. Without the facilities to process all these people, some are being housed at a U.S. Army base that was once used to hold Japanese-Americans during World War II. AOC says we have concentration camps reminiscent of the ones Nazis built to exterminate millions of people, now built by a fascist American president. Yes, she really said that; you heard it.

Now, Joe Biden. To say it was another bad week for the Democrats’ presidential front runner — he’s still way ahead in the primary race — would be perhaps the understatement of the year. At a private fundraiser, he spoke glowingly of his relationship with openly segregationist senators back in the good old days, saying he and they got things done, unlike now. And then, he inexplicably added that they never called him boy, just son. What? His competitors for the nomination pounced.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA): I think it’s misinformed and it’s wrong.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT): We all have to work with people with whom we have very different points of view, but I think to be singing the praises of people who were vicious segregationists is not something that anybody …

Chris Cuomo, CNN: But he was talking about working with them, is that the same thing as sitting in their presence?

Bernie Sanders: Well, I’m not so sure about that.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ): I don’t understand why he needs this lesson.

Tim: Cory Booker demanded an apology from Biden, who got all indignant.

 Joe Biden: Apologize for what?!? Cory should apologize. He knows better. There is not a racist bone in my body. I’ve been involved in civil rights my whole career. The point I’m making is, you don’t have to agree. You don’t have to like the people, in terms of their views, but you just simply make the case and you beat them.

Tim: But is that really all he did with those southern segregationist senators, just beat them? Listen to Biden’s glowing praise some 20 years ago for the most notorious segregationist of the late 20th century, Strom Thurmond.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden: Joe Biden is here tonight. He works for Strom Thurmond … I came to the United States Senate, a 29-year-old fellow, out of the civil rights movement, a public defender, and turns out one of my closest friends ends up being Strom Thurmond … If you had told me, when I entered the United States Senate, that one of the people that I would have the closest relationship with, in the Senate, would be Strom Thurmond, I’d have told you that you are crazy.

Tim: And that may be exactly what his fellow Democratic presidential candidates are likely to say to Biden, when the first presidential debates take place this coming Wednesday and Thursday. Good luck to him trying to defend his close relationship with Strom Thurmond when all those radical leftists running for president turn Biden into a punching bag. But that’s not all, listen to what Biden had to say, also some 20 years ago, about an issue that’s become a matter of religion for the left, abortion rights.

Joe Biden: I do not view abortion as a choice and a right. I think it’s always a tragedy … See, I’m a bit of an odd man out in my party. I do not vote for funding for abortion. I voted against partial birth abortion.

Tim: Odd man out would be exactly the right term for Biden in this field of radicals, even after he recently reversed the position he held for 43 years on the Hyde Amendment and now says he supports federal funding for abortion. This guy, folks, could be out of the race before we know it. He’s a 20th-century liberal trying desperately to sound like a 21st-century progressive — and it’s just not working.

Meanwhile, two students at Parkland High School who survived that famous shooting, David Hogg, now a gun control activist, and Kyle Kashuv, a gun rights activist, were recently admitted to Harvard University, but then one of those admissions was rescinded. Care to guess which one? Yes, it was the gun rights guy Kashuv after some offensive tweets from when he was 16 years old, a few years ago, were discovered. Harvard pulled the plug, and former congressman David Jolly, one-time never Trump Republican who quit the GOP, went on MSNBC and used it as a launching pad to attack Trump — without using his name — and signal his own virtue.

David Jolly

David Jolly: Within our culture, we have leaders who are giving greater permission to racist statements and people with racist feelings. They’re giving them greater equity. I think it’s important for Harvard to say, not in our community. That is not a voice that we are going to give equity in our diverse community, because this young man posted, kill the effing Jews … He posted the N-word repeatedly and he referred to one of these shoot-’em-up video games and suggested that they should put a map of that on his high school. Now, this was two years before Parkland … These are the social media postings we see of a shooter. The young man deserves redemption, but he also deserves a closer look to whether somebody with this profile should be able to purchase a firearm.

Tim: See how that works? The kid writes ignorant and offensive tweets, and he’s profiled as a likely future shooter who should be stripped of his Second Amendment rights.


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