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Tim Donner

Washington Political Columnist at LibertyNation.com

Tim is a radio talk show host, former candidate for the U.S. Senate, and longtime entrepreneur, Conservatarian policy advocate, and broadcast journalist. He is Founder and President of One Generation Away, LN’s parent organization.

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LN Radio 10/16/17 – A Bad Week for the Left

We discuss anguish on the left, after the NFL Commissioner backs down on kneeling in the wake of sharp criticism by President Trump, and the Godfather of the Hollywood Left, Harvey Weinstein, is outed as an alleged sexual predator.  Plus, Graham Noble of LibertyNation.com breaks down the special counsel probe, and LN’s Sarah Cowgill discusses her memorable series, Voices from the Heartland.

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LN Radio 10/1/17 – NFL Owners & GOP Establishment on Notice

We discuss how NFL Owners must decide whose side they are on – the players acting like social justice warriors, or the millions of angry fans who line their pockets.  Pete Sepp, President of the National Taxpayers Union, discusses the GOP’s tax reform proposal, and Graham Noble of LibertyNation.com analyzes another awful week for the Republican establishment.

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LN Radio 9/24/17 – The Trump Doctrine & Democrat Scandal

The president lays out the Trump Doctrine to a stunned UN.  Luke Rosiak of The Daily Caller discusses his story on the growing scandal involving Democrat IT worker Imram Awan.  LN Legal Correspondent Scott Cosenza reports on Obama’s FBI wiretapping the Trump presidential campaign.  Plus – the most outrageous examples of media bias from the last year.

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LN Radio 9/17/17 – Trump Turns to Democrats

Host Tim Donner reports from Sarasota, Florida after surviving Hurricane Irma alongside LN Editorial Director Leesa K. Donner, who recounts the harrowing experience and also discusses President Trump’s overtures to Democrats.  Jason Russell of the Washington Examiner discusses the state of play in the DC swamp.

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LN Radio 9/10/17 – In the Path of Irma

Host Tim Donner reports from Sarasota, Florida, where Hurricane Irma is headed for a direct hit.  Teresa Read of LibertyNation.com discusses President Trump’s decision on DACA.  And Liberty Nation’s Jeff Charles talks about the increasingly controversial Southern Poverty Law Center.

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LN Radio 8/27/17 – Confederate Fever

Statues and symbols from the confederacy to Columbus come tumbling down, as President Trump attacks the establishment media.  Raheem Kassam discusses his new book on Sharia Law, and Nathan Steelwater of LibertyNation.com analyzes Trump’s decision to up the ante in Afghanistan.

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