Nancy Pelosi put on a show in the House. She stood and spoke for over eight hours about immigration. The speech wasn’t about immigration in the traditional sense; it was about giving free citizenship to so-called Dreamers. Of course, Democrats and liberals praised her and even were able to get a hashtag labeled #GoNancyGo trending on Twitter. Nancy Pelosi must be dense to the issues Dreamers are causing for the Democrats.

A few weeks ago, Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer took the government into a shutdown by advocating amnesty for Dreamers. Just a couple of days later, Schumer embarrassingly ended the shutdown. Nancy Pelosi expressed her anger over the shutdown ending so quickly.

Some speculate that Schumer ended the shutdown because he found out that the Democrat voter base was not happy about it. Just a short time later, Pelosi stood on the floor of the House and read letters that were allegedly written by Dreamers.

Representing who?

Putting any potential voter fraud aside, Nancy Pelosi spent an entire traditional workday speaking on the behalf of people who never voted for her. Surely, the 800,000 young adults that are here under DACA protection currently do not live in San Francisco.

Pelosi is the House minority leader for the Democrat party, so she speaks on behalf of the other elected Democrat officials. Americans who are independent voters, or center leaning Democrats, see a politician who is choosing the wants of illegal immigrants over the needs of legal citizens. Other Representatives and Senators who praise her for this speech place themselves in a precarious position for the 2018 midterm elections.

Losing Votes?

The 2016 Presidential election was extremely embarrassing for the Democrats. They lost to a complete outsider who had nothing to lose. In that election, Democrats lost three Rust Belt states that have not gone to a Republican since President Reagan. Now, President Trump has signed the new tax bill into law and more manufacturing jobs are becoming available; this could solidify the second term for Trump.

Instead of trying to win those voters back, Pelosi and other Democrats are trying to import new voters. The reason? Because liberal, progressive Democrat policies cannot fight back against conservative policies. In other words, Democrats have nothing to run on. They cannot fight back.

Democrats are being exposed for the fraud party they are. They know if there is a permanent underclass that relies on social welfare programs, there will always be voters for their party. Once a Democrat voter realizes there is more prosperity in Republican policies than Democrat policies, they lose a voter. When this is multiplied by thousands, Democrats become irrelevant.

Even the Dreamers themselves are facing the harsh reality that they are being “held hostage” and used as little more than a political bargaining chip by Democrats intent on using their plight for personal gain. Pelosi was harassed and screamed at during a San Francisco speech by more than 40 self-identified undocumented youths chanting that they “are not your bargaining chip for Donald Trump.”

Spin and Tailspin

The Democrats are in panic mode. Nancy Pelosi’s speech was not a speech about love and compassion; it was about veiled panic. She knows they are losing voters under the Trump economy. Democrats also know that if the Dreamers aren’t given amnesty, they are losing immigrant votes and their party base votes.

Now, there are Dreamers who are threatening to self-deport if not given amnesty. If these people follow through with their threats, we will see a full tailspin in the Democrat party.

As far as sensible voters are concerned, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can continue to push away Americans by demanding amnesty for people who can’t even vote for them. It will make the 2018 midterms much more enjoyable.


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