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Operation Legend: Trump Stirs the Pot Again

Message to BLM: LeGend Taliferro’s life mattered.

It’s a go. Operation Legend, named for LeGend Taliferro, the four-year-old little boy shot and killed while in his bed asleep, is coming to a liberally governed city near you. The unchecked violence allowed by pandering progressive elected officials will soon come to a screeching halt if President Donald Trump has his way.

On the map for a tactical and strategic takeover by federal authorities are cities where mayors appear to fiddle whilst their cities burn. First on the list are Chicago and Albuquerque, followed by Detroit and Cleveland. Kansas City commenced with a ramp-up of federal agents just two weeks ago after their homicide numbers spiked 34%. So far, 200 arrests have been made with federal help. LeGend’s mother, Charron Powell, was in Kansas City with the president to ask for citizens’ and local elected officials to help federal agents in finding those responsible for the murder of innocents, including her son:

“Operation Legend is not to harass. It’s not to harm or to hurt. It is to help investigate unsolved murders, which one of those happens to be our innocent four-year-old son. Children are supposed to be our future, and our son didn’t make it to Kindergarten.”

Chicago, Not My Kind of Town These Days

Operation Legend is now expanding to two other cities experiencing a frightening spike of homicides: Albuquerque, NM stats are up 13%, and Chicago, IL, homicides have shot up 51%.  To onlookers, it appears Democratic state and local leaders are ridiculously eschewing the president’s offer of help. Rather, the progressive left prefers to ignore the increasing bloodshed while hoping the perpetrators – rioters, looters, and murderers – stop that awful peaceful remonstrating. Or, as most folks call it, killing, destroying private property, and setting everything on fire.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot fits neatly into the fad of the day: one-issue politicians (LGBTQ, in her case) doing nothing as their people die. Her greatest positive accomplishment was to paint rainbow-colored crosswalks in one Chicago neighborhood. But what her city is going through is a national disgrace.

Leesa K. Donner, Liberty Nation Editor-in-Chief, recently compiled the latest death rates in the Windy City:

“For the calendar year 2020, shootings in the Democrat-run city are up 46%, and homicides have risen 48%. As of July 19, 402 murders have been recorded. To make matters worse, children are dying at a heartbreaking rate. Just since Memorial Day, 111 kids ages 12-17 have been murdered, and another 20 under the age of 11 have been killed.”

Yet Lightfoot rebukes the president’s offer of help and, until recently, was dug in: “Under no circumstances will I allow Donald Trump’s troops to come to Chicago and terrorize our residents.”

But then another round of violence left 15 funeral-goers shot and bleeding, and now Lightfoot is in talks with the president. That may be because her police department and the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara let fly with, “When the feds are in charge, they run their units the way they want to run ’em. They don’t have to deal with this city or the mayor.” Catanzara had recently publicly posted a letter to President Trump, begging for help.

Can Lightfoot and Trump play in the same sandbox? When the dust settles, perhaps America will have an answer.

Albuquerque: A Southwest Hot Mess

“Today’s announcement from the federal government speaks for itself, and the local FBI also made it clear what Operation Legend special agents will do: combat Albuquerque’s out of control crime crisis and solve homicides.” That was a statement issued by Bernalillo County Sheriff Manuel Gonzales – a Democrat. But the swift calls for his resignation and outright rebukes by state and local Democratic leaders speak volumes: It’s all about political positioning and not tamping down the next crime wave of violence.

Democrat-progressive Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller were among those against Operation Legend, with many mentions of “secret police” and “storm troopers” used in place of “federal law enforcement.”

Keller went so far to stick his scrawny white neck out for political cash in saying that Trump was inducing a re-election strategy “built on gaslighting immigrants and people of color.” Considering half the population of Albuquerque is Latino or Hispanic, that would be a fool’s errand – and Trump is no fool.

Ah-hem White Liberals

A critical thinker would keep the faith that local governments would welcome federal help to keep the electorate safe from thuggery and murder. It appears that is not the case, much to the astonishment of many Americans. One notable instance: The mayor of the now BLM occupied city of Portland walks proudly with angry and unreasonable dissenters as they hurl insults and call him all sorts of vile names. He isn’t welcome or wanted. He is still embracing his white privilege, for crying out loud. Perhaps the mayor ought to read up on Malcolm X, who opined, “The white liberal is the worst enemy to America and the worst enemy to the black man.” The elaborate and rambling words of X state that white people will always use the black man as a power grab. And he was at least half right, as the Democrats thoroughly believe they own the black vote.

Operation Legend is necessary, and whether this hurts the president’s chance at re-election just four months out seems not to matter to Trump or the mother of a child slaughtered under the protective guise of Black Lives Matter. LeGend’s life mattered. For those lackluster cowardly progressives who fight against federal aid to stop this violent ruse about lives mattering, may they be haunted by these words of Charron Powell: “I stand here today as a mother fighting against violence for my son.”

Thank God she doesn’t stand alone.


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