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Media Breakdown: Years of Leftist Proselytizing Takes a Toll

The media’s leftist bias has been around for decades – but there’s no hiding it now.

After the Christchurch massacre, the legacy media were quick to label anyone who harbored ideas of limiting mass immigration as “far right,” “white supremacists,” and “enablers.” However, when the leader at one of the targeted mosques in New Zealand, Ahmed Bhamji, claimed that the murderer was in league with Mossad and local “Zionist businesses,” it went largely unreported.

Had such a statement been made by someone wearing a MAGA hat, it would have been frontpage news. Similarly, when someone who identifies with the right does something terrible, it is regurgitated and remembered for years, whereas Islamic terrorist attacks are routinely ignored.

When Justice Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault that allegedly occurred nearly 40 years ago, the media was filled with stories about how all women should be believed. When Joe Biden is accused by Bernie supporters and other leftists for having touched them inappropriately, the same media sympathetically reports him as being merely “tactile.”

When President Donald Trump’s approval rating fell to below 40% during the worst days of the Russia collusion hoax, the media gleefully reported him as the least popular president in American history. When the favorability rating of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) plummeted to 31%, the media reported it as a result of conservative news outlets’ negative coverage of her.

These are representative anecdotes of pervasive media bias. In 2018, a Gallup study ranked trust in television news the lowest among institutions, second only to Congress, and this study did not even include the exposing of the Russia collusion, the Covington kids, or the Jussie Smollett hoax.

What we do know is that Fox News, which was already in the lead before the Mueller report, has reached record numbers lately, with their flagship show Tucker Carlson Tonight rising even during boycotts. CNN and MSNBC, by contrast, have dropped off a ratings cliff.

While much of this change is probably due to people avoiding what they perceive as sorrowful news, some of the transitions to Fox News are likely because a segment of the population is waking up to the pervasiveness of fake news on leftist channels.

This is also reflected in Trump’s approval rating. While his overall approval has moved only slightly, Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows that the number of people who strongly disapprove of the president is starting to erode. folks are beginning to update their worldview, and it seems facts are beginning to seep in.

So far, there is little evidence that the mainstream media will learn from their failures and move in the direction of proper journalism. Therefore, expect the period until the 2020 presidential election to be one long media campaign against Trump – and in favor of whoever the Democrats choose as their nominee.

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