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Hollywood Leftists Revel in Destruction

by | Jul 28, 2018 | Narrated News, The Left

President Trump is driving the left insane, and not just by making bold comments here and there. He is holding true to his campaign promises of building a wall, reestablishing America as a Christian nation, standing up to world dictators, bolstering our military, and supporting law enforcement. Trump is not the typical Republican president. He fights back. The left can’t physically attack him, so they attack his Hollywood star.

A man recently took a pickaxe and commenced striking the star with Trump’s name on it. He successfully damaged it to the point that the president’s name was gone, then turned himself over to the police.

Team Support

The malicious damage is just the latest example of how unhinged leftists have become. They are supporting each other to the point of collecting bail money through GoFundMe.

People who damage anything that has our president’s name on it or attack his supporters are mentally weak. The mainstream media and politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Maxine Waters have manipulated people in this country into committing crimes. It appears that high profile politicians are generals of a left-wing army. They get on television and whip up their supporters into a foaming-at-the-mouth frenzy. Their soldiers go out and damage a boardwalk star or attack people for wearing MAGA hats, and no one, even teenagers, are exempt from the violence.

Where’s the Pride?

Hollywood producer Jordan Horowitz said on Twitter that the damage was “a gorgeous image” and “I am very proud of my city.” Keep it up, Jordan. You’re actually in a minority bubble. There are many more hard-working Americans than left-wing Hollywierdos, so enjoy your echo chamber.

Imagine if something with former President Obama’s name was trashed like this. The action would likely be called racist. However, nothing like this happened. The right has more dignity than to attack an inanimate object in a temper tantrum.

Weekly, we hear news reports about yet another leftist outburst. The more these idiocies happen, the better things look in 2020; however, the Republican Party should not be too farsighted. In a few short months, the midterm elections will take place and right-wing candidates should take note. They must stump against the left and their acts of violence, mentioning it at every opportunity.

Last Resort of Failure

The left will not stop, even if they get what they want, and that is impeachment. They will not stop being violent against Trump supporters, or even those on the political right. The assaults will continue in an attempt to silence any opposing voices. Why? Because they are the fascists.

The American electorate did not like what the country was under Obama, so they voted for the complete opposite. The left’s attacks on anything Trump-related will continue to wear on citizens. When Trump gets elected to a second term, logic will be able to blame leftists, though they will blame anyone except themselves.

No matter how much of a commotion the left makes, Trump is still their president.

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