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DNC Mental Block on Immigration

by | Jul 29, 2018 | Immigration, Narrated News

Nancy Pelosi announced that Democrats are stronger than Republicans on immigration. She also managed to politicize the 9/11 terrorist attacks. During her weekly press conference, Pelosi called the most notable attack against America merely an “incident.” She said the Republican Party didn’t enact immigration policies suggested by the 9/11 commission, therefore showing them to be soft on immigration. Pelosi has previously accused the Republicans of neglect and a refusal to fund the recommended measures, however, she must have forgotten the current stance within her own party on immigration.

It appears that some Democrats – such as Pelosi – are now trying to separate themselves from the idea of completely open borders, due to political backlash from moderates.

Pelosi failed to mention what Democrat policies she is talking about, making it hard to believe that the party really does have anything to offer on immigration control.

Her words made it sound like leftists are becoming open to the idea of enforcing border laws, but that just isn’t accurate; the left-wing has consistently been pushing for the elimination, or at least weakening, of national borders.

A Democrat Split on Immigration

Some Democratic Party voters are moving further left on immigration, while others are abandoning a party they think has gone too far. Now, Democrat lawmakers have to choose whether to follow the far left-wing of the party or stick with the moderates.

Democrats are publically splitting on immigration issues.

Pelosi wants open borders but is going about it a different way. She is using the “cold to hot water method” that describes a frog being placed in cold water and boiling to death as the temperature is increased over time – gradually acclimatizing people to the idea of open borders with small, but constant steps toward her ultimate goal. However, United States Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand are overtly radical in their attempts to dismember ICE and national borders.

Kate Steinle’s murder, sexual assaults committed by illegals, and Americans killed in drunk driving collisions are just a few examples of how illegal immigration can negatively affect citizens. It doesn’t matter that Kate Steinle lost her life to an illegal alien residing in one of the most liberal cities in America, or that other Americans have suffered similar fates. In fact, the left is pushing for more – many would love to have America as a sanctuary country with open borders.

If Democrats continue their rhetoric against the public’s wishes, they may have issues in November. Immigration is the number one issue right now for voters, so this could be a political minefield.

Putting Pelosi to the Test

Even though the Democratic Party may be dividing over immigration, the Republican Party has been in a similar situation for some time  – there was the Senate’s Gang of Eight for amnesty back in 2013 that caused issues for those on the right. This bipartisan group of senators was created to find a pathway to citizenship for illegals, as opposed to deportation. It exposed four prominent right-wing senators who were in favor of immigration reform that would have lead to eventual amnesty: Marco Rubio, John McCain, Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham.

Republicans should test Pelosi’s claim of Democrats being the stronger party on border security; a clean bill based on border wall funding, increasing ICE agents to deport illegal aliens, no amnesty, and more border control should be presented. The Republicans must put Democrats personally on the record, and this would be one of the most effective ways to do it. Such a test would also help to identify the true beliefs of Republicans that may not be completely upfront about their own personal immigration policies.

The Democratic Party is not the stronger side on immigration. They are much softer. In fact, many are radicals. The left is using migration in a way that would shape our country away from its founding principles. Leftists think the founding of America was immoral, so far-left immigration policies are the best way to change the culture, society and eventually everything for which the United States traditionally stands.

Republicans cannot back off of the immigration issue, regardless of who is president. The left is attempting to destroy America as we know it.

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