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Biden Goes to Camp, and Trump Gets the Last Word

Heartlanders call for a ceasefire on DEI.

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President Joe Biden heads to Camp David for a week-long summer debate camp prior to the June 27 showdown with former President Donald Trump. Another ridiculous attempt by a union to be inclusive is cracking up the heartland, and Judge Judy cuts loose on the current justice system. The greatest show on earth is still almost five months away, but the clowns are here to entertain us all a bit early.

If only our Founding Fathers had been able to predict this mess. Would they fish the tea out of Boston Harbor or throw up their hands and yell, “the British are here – let’s give up”?

This One Time, at Debate Camp

The highly anticipated presidential debate hosted by CNN is riddled with rules. Both candidates have agreed to two commercial breaks, no opening statements, a two-minute answer shot clock, and to be muted when it isn’t their turn so that no one can interrupt Joe Biden and Jedi mind trick him. Mr. Biden won a coin toss and was allowed to select his position on the stage, and his handlers smartly put him at an advantage: from the viewer’s perspective, on the right. Experts say viewers are inherently drawn to the right. Or he may bungle the power position. Trump then gets the last word in closing arguments.

In Topeka, KS, Jay Frederickson confronted the elephant on the CNN stage: “Be interesting to see how many hardball questions go to TRUMP and how many questions like ‘What is your name, Mr. President’? will go to BIDEN.”

“It’s CNN,” commented Eric Macevicious in Marengo, IN. “Enough said.”

Reuters conducted a focus group made up of seven men and eight women from battleground states spread across every creed and color imaginable. Nine of the participants voted for Biden in 2020 and have soured in the years since. Three didn’t like Trump so much but weren’t ready to pull the lever for four more years of the current administration. The focus group revealed that the top issues driving the vote are Biden’s health, inflation, and illegal immigration.

This isn’t  quite favorable for the older candidate, so Joe has been shuttled off to Camp David for a big rest and intense debate prep. Of course, that doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in voters, either.

Trump got a chuckle out of the trip itself, and Stephen Miller, a senior advisor in the Trump camp, posted on X: “If the leader of the free world needs 7 straight days of continuous, uninterrupted rest to stand for one 90-minute debate that tells you all you need to know about his fitness for office.”

Even with all the rules and shenanigans surrounding the event, no one could sway Rhonda Waltrip in Taylor, MI: “He will have the last word in November. Count on it.”

Judge Judy Rails at Trump ‘Witch Hunt’

No-nonsense reality TV star Judge Judy has a bee in her bonnet. On Friday, she harshly criticized Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for prosecuting former President Donald Trump over what she considers “nonsense.”

“I would be happier, as someone who owns property in Manhattan, if the district attorney of New York County would take care of criminals who were making it impossible for citizens to walk in the streets and use the subway, to use his efforts to keep those people off the street, than to spend $5 million or $10 million of taxpayers’ money trying Donald Trump on this nonsense,” Judge Judy admonished. “That’s my view. But I, as a taxpayer in this country, resent using the system for your own personal self-aggrandizement.”

But she wasn’t quite done. “You had to twist yourself into a pretzel to figure out what the crime was,” she added.

“She actually sees how bad this can be in the future,” commented Dennis Cote. “Now Republicans can do the same thing to DEMOCRATS. In order to satisfy their TDS they opened Pandora’s box.”

DEI Clips Airline Wings

Someone in the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) must’ve been triggered. The good folks who fly the big commercial planes have recently had their vocabulary wings clipped. Members cannot call that space with instruments and multipurpose displays and the altimeter the “cockpit” anymore. Add in saying “guys,” “airmen,” or “manpower,” and you have a recipe for distraction. As the ALPA states in its guidebook on being inclusive, the rule change is “to reflect the diversity we have at ALPA” and “create a more inclusive workplace.”

Well, progressives, the term ‘cockpit’ has never had a darn thing to do with a male appendage. The oldest known usage of the word comes from the mid-1500s. Back in those days, a cockpit was literally a pit for fighting cocks – as in roosters – and, pardon the pun, but that sport is fowl.

But even that isn’t where the modern term cockpit comes from. The word cock in Old English was a term for a small boat, and swain means servant. A cockswain or coxswain, therefore, is a boat servant. Sometime in the 1700s, this led to the steering compartment of smaller boats, where the cockswain sat, being called the cockpit. General Aviation News says the term evolved to become a synonym for “control center,” which was later applied to planes, you silly, triggered progressives.

Jolene Primeaux, who lives in Lafayette, LA, could not believe her eyes: “I’m 77 years old & I’ve never thought, not once, that a cockpit was anything else but the place where the pilots of an airplane work.”

A Boeing retiree weighed in from Philippi, WV. Bob Harbert threw this out: “It don’t sound like some of these pilots are emotionally stable enough to be flying planes.”

And then there is Kurt Brown in Bullard, TX, coming right in with logical thoughts, saying: “I’d worry more about the airplanes disintegrating in flight. That would hurt my feelings a lot more than the name of a space.”

Yes! Keeping the plane in the air is a good strategy. Craig Mills in Baton Rouge wondered what other changes were imminent: “Well, then you should probably change the term ‘landing strip’ to something else as well.”

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