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Why are Documented Risks from COVID Vaccine Being Downplayed?

Is “the risks outweigh the benefits” the new “safe and effective?”

That young people in good health are not in grave danger of dying from COVID-19 has been well established. The CDC estimates that .04% of children and young adults are at risk of losing their lives after contracting the virus. Suffice to say that children are at a vanishingly rare risk of perishing from the coronavirus that infected the world and caused the pandemic.

This calculus, then, calls into question the wisdom of vaccinating such a group against a virus from which the overwhelming majority will face close to zero statistical risk. It is particularly true as we learn more about the adverse events experienced by young people, not from the virus – but from the vaccine itself. One never wishes the “remedy to be worse than the malady,” but that may well be true in this instance.

This is Not a Conspiracy Theory

Enough cases of myocarditis in young men have been logged in VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) and acknowledged by the media to have caused the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) to meet last week to discuss the concerns. While acknowledging that the hard data indicate an increased risk of myocarditis in young men after the second dose of the experimental COVID vaccine, ACIP asserted the risks of dying from COVID still outweigh the risks of getting the jab. This was after a large-scale study in Israel determined the vaccines are “probably” connected to heart inflammation in young men.

The risk ACIP itself faced was whether to impede the universal COVID vaccine roll-out by messaging these justifiable concerns to the American public – or to circle the bureaucratic wagons, lower-case the worry of myocarditis, and continue to recommend the jabs for all age groups. The group decided on the latter. And not one medical professional on its 15-member panel voting to minimize the concerns about heart inflammation in young men is a cardiologist.

Backdropped by these events, the prestigious medical journal JAMA recently filed two reports that detailed 30 incidents of myocarditis following the Pfizer and Moderna jabs. The two separate studies looked at 23 cases in the military, and at half a million civilians from six counties surrounding Duke University, which conducted the report.

While it is true that myocarditis as an adverse event resulting from vaccination is rare, it is also true that cases are mounting. The CDC’s admission last week that a second dose of the vaccines have been associated with an increase in the incidence of myocarditis in young men seems, on the face of it, a likely keynote to be emphasized by our health agencies and scientists. But sounding more like a PR person for CDC or a paid consultant from big pharma than a scientist, the military study author was at pains to emphasize the overarching narrative that the vaccines are good, and any disinclination to take them is bad. Dr. Leslie Cooper Jr. stated:

“People of all ages should choose to get a COVID-19 vaccine because the risks are extremely low compared to the benefits. Additionally, the growing body of research shows that vaccine-associated myocarditis resolves quickly in almost all cases.”

A Risk Worth Taking?

What the good doctor leaves out, however, gives pause. Even before COVID, myocarditis was the 3rd leading cause of death among children and young adults, according to the Myocarditis Foundation. Given that, ACIP’s determination that the vaccines demonstrate an increased risk for heart inflammation in youth may bump it to 2nd place – or even 1st as the number one killer of young people. Add the fact that 45% of all heart transplants are in patients who suffered this ailment in the past, and the plot thickens – tragically.

As any cardiologist will tell you, the greatest concern when treating myocarditis is that the muscle tissue around the heart often dies, leaving permanent damage that must be monitored closely and treated indefinitely to avoid future heart attacks. According to Dr. Rita Redberg, in 50% of myocarditis patients the condition never goes away, and it is very difficult to predict who will, and will not, recover. Is the good news about the rarity of the condition then a lie by omission?

[bookpromo align=”left”] Back in 1976, when the federal government rushed a vaccine (sound familiar?) to combat swine flu, the entire program was scrapped after three deaths occurred in nine states. This was before the federal government granted total immunity to all vaccine manufacturers and doctors – back when liability was still a major disincentive for pharmaceutical companies to push and promote vaccines that had not been long-term safety tested.

Contrast that now-quaint moment in public health with the latest reports from VAERS of over 6,000 unconfirmed deaths from COVID vaccines. Have we heard any officials calling for an end to the vaccine – or even a pause?  Not as yet. But even so, Moderna and Pfizer are rushing to have their vaccines officially FDA approved by this Fall – just in time for school.

Curiously, the media mantra repeated incessantly for decades about the safety and efficacy of vaccines seems to have vanished from the news cycle. Is a sea change in messaging in progress? Is the fourth estate only just beginning to acknowledge vaccine adverse events? Have they been forced to by the thousands of reports of vaccine death in VAERS and the gradual awakening of the American public?


But it is equally possible that a new spin cycle may already be in motion. “The benefits outweigh the risks” is the new “Safe and effective.”


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