Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate and honor both the individual mothers in our lives and the principles of motherhood in general. So while abortionists obviously have a radically different set of values – such as abortion as disaster relief or as inspiration for the next Disney princess – it still comes as a shock to see just what this special day means to those who view the unborn as an expendable inconvenience.

The Guttmacher Institute sent out their own version of a Mother’s Day e-card – a brief fundraising campaign via email that suggests the best way to honor Mom is to make a donation in her name:

“Celebrate a special mother in your life by making an honorary gift to Guttmacher in her name today. Your contribution will support Guttmacher’s efforts to fight for the right of all women to decide for themselves whether and when to become mothers.”

Before we jump into just how twisted such an “honorary gift” in Mom’s name would be, let’s address the nature of the choice – and the right to make it.

Pregnancy is not a Choice

Sex is a choice. Pregnancy is merely a very likely and quite common consequence of making that choice – and a well-known one. There is simply no excuse for those seeking an abortion to claim ignorance. Sex is widely known to have caused, at the very least, billions of human births. It has started exponentially more lives than any instrument of violence ever conceived by the minds of men ever took. Yet if an adult of otherwise sound mind shoots himself or herself while playing Russian Roulette, most – including many abortion activists – would say something like: “Well, that was stupid.”

Personal Accountability

Whenever we make choices, we accept with those choices whatever checklist of potential consequences come along, whether we are actively thinking about them at the time or not. That’s called personal accountability: the knowledge that you are fully responsible for your own actions and therefore must accept the consequences. Regardless of whether anyone involved considers pregnancy as an outcome at the time, all those who willingly partake absolutely do choose to bring about new life. That’s the biological purpose of sex: procreation.

The Right to Choose

Those who call themselves “pro-choice” claim that every woman has authority over her own reproductive system. It’s the woman’s body and therefore the woman’s choice, they argue. And they’re right. Every woman – and man, for that matter – has the right to choose whether or not to actually engage their reproductive systems by having sex. And that is the true reproductive right: having the authority over your own body and the right to choose when to have sex – assuming a willing partner, of course – and when not to. That right is not in any legal danger – at least not in the United States. That’s why rape is a felony; it’s why rape is considered by most in society as one of the worst possible crimes against another person.

There is no right to terminate a pregnancy. As I have explained in greater detail elsewhere, unborn children are still children – that is, each is still an individual human person. There is no right to kill another person outside of legitimate defensive situations. Killing someone as a matter of convenience is murder, whether the victim is your yet-to-be-born child or your next-door neighbor.

In the 2008 case Kennedy v Louisiana, the Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty was unconstitutionally cruel and unusual even in cases of child rape unless the victim died and the attacker had homicidal intent. Even before then, rapists of adults couldn’t be legally put to death – by either the state or a vengeful individual. If a rape victim doesn’t have the right to take the life of her attacker outside of self-defense at the time of the attack, how can she possibly have the right to end the life of a child who has made no decisions, and therefore, wronged no one?

A Twisted View of Motherhood


Motherhood means different things to different people, but to think that soliciting money to support the right to murder unborn children in any way pays homage to moms is mind-boggling. On Mother’s Day, we honor the women who, when they discover that they’ve become pregnant, choose to carry and birth their children, then love and care for them – all despite having the unfortunately legal option to terminate. In what sick, warped mind can supporting abortion be considered a celebration of motherhood? What message do you send your mother if you donate in her name?

“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! To show how much I appreciate all you’ve done for me, I just made an honorary donation for you to help women shirk the responsibilities of motherhood by killing their babies.”

It’s appalling; it’s twisted. It’s right up there with Mad Maxine Waters saying, “I have to march because my mother could not have an abortion.” And yes, that crazy woman actually wishes her mother had the right to kill her before she was born. But at least now, thanks to Guttmacher, we know what Mother’s Day means to abortionists – a prime fundraising opportunity.


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