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Trump Rejects European-Style Migrant Crisis

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Narrated News, Politics

In a recent press statement, Donald Trump referenced the dire situation in Europe and said that “the United States will not be a migrant camp.” Few news outlets picked up on this, and Americans were left hanging. What crisis in Europe did the president describe? The American people deserve to know the facts.

The migrant crisis

The seeds of the current migrant crisis in Europe were born in 2011 when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton insisted on bombing Libya and removing Colonel Muammar Gaddafi from power. He had warned that he was the only one keeping Europe from being flooded by migrants from Africa.

He was right. Soon after he was killed, Libya was partially taken over by ISIS and opportunity seekers were crossing the Mediterranean in droves. Millions of mostly illiterate people poured into the EU, throwing the continent into a crisis.

Crime rates spiked, terror increased, and welfare expenditures exploded. This de-facto invasion became a wake-up call for many Europeans. According to a 2017 poll, most EU citizens now want to ban all immigration from majority Muslim countries, but are meeting heavy resistance from the political elite.

Fake news?

After Trump’s press statement, many in the media reported that his claims about crime rates in Germany were false. Crime has been falling and is the lowest in sixteen years, they say. However, in early 2018, BBC – which is no friend of Trump’s – reported the following:

“Migrants may be responsible for most of a recent rise in violent crime in Germany, research commissioned by the government suggests. […] The report used statistics from Lower Saxony – regarded as an average state – where police saw an increase of 10.4% in reported violent crimes in 2015 and 2016. [M]ore than 90% of the rise was attributed to young male migrants.”

The hidden cost

It is, however, true that the governments of Europe have been able to curb the trends somewhat, but only at a high price to liberty. In the 1990s, people could hop on airplanes without going through any form of security. No longer – not even for domestic flights.

All over Europe, people could walk freely about the streets without having to worry about their security. Then Islamic terrorists started using vehicles as weapons to mow down pedestrians. The response? The authorities erected concrete blocks in the streets.

The knife bans

Europeans are peaceful people, but after they allowed migrants in, savage knife attacks became the new norm.

The response? Ban any sharp objects in public, including screwdrivers and potato peelers.

The no-go zones

Europeans are pushed out of their native territories by hostile cultures that refuse to respect the laws or customs of the host country. Many places are off limit to Jews or people of light complexion, known as no-go zones.

The gang wars

The large cities of Europe are experiencing a surge of violent gangs emerging from immigrant communities, and they are often at war with each other. Sweden, for instance, suffers more hand grenade attacks than any other country except Mexico during peacetime.

A de facto civil war

Europe is in a state of profound crisis, which has resulted in unprecedented authoritarian procedures only seen during wartime or emergency law. The economic historian Niall Ferguson – who is no Trump-supporter – has in a recent article stated that he believes the EU is melting down. He ends his article with this chilling vision:

“I hope Salam is right that the American melting pot can somehow be salvaged. But I have no such hope for Europe. No one who has spent any time in Germany since Merkel’s great gamble of 2015-16 can honestly believe that a melting pot is in the making there.”

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