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Trump: Not Welcome in CA

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Columns

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President Donald Trump will make his first official visit to California this month, and the left is in a frenzy making plans to make him feel uncomfortable. The president will be going to the San Diego area to view prototypes of the Border Wall, which after the recent ICE raid that arrested more than 150 illegal immigrants, has the left fuming and trembling in righteous indignation.

“I have full faith that my Southern California Latino community will give Trump’s border wall hallucination tour exactly the respect it deserves: Nada, nunca, forget it,’’ said Gloria Nieto, a veteran Democratic LGBT activist in Santa Cruz.

Immigration reform has been a thorn in California’s paw since Trump became president, and tensions only escalated after Oakland’s mayor Libby Schaaf tweeted out a warning to immigrants of an upcoming ICE raid. Many, including the DOJ, feel Schaaf went too far and broke the law.

Trump to the Rescue

John Berry, a Redlands Tea Party Patriots activist, said officials such as Schaff are “flaunting the law,” and that Trump supporters are looking forward to the president’s visit:

“…our supporters are just ecstatic that Trump is coming down to look at the wall. It’s beyond insanity that Sacramento idiots are showing they care more about illegals than they do about our own citizens. Trump is coming to rescue the people of California.”

The left hasn’t learned yet that protesting the president doesn’t shame him – it only inspires him. They yell and whine and complain; meanwhile, Trump smiles like the Cheshire Cat. Not everyone is upset about the upcoming visit. A former adviser to Gov. Pete Wilson, Bill Whalen, sums it up:

“If you believe this is a presidency that is at all times appealing to his base, that image of getting heckled in California is probably what they welcome. If 500,000 people show up in Los Angeles and Mayor Eric Garcetti makes comments — that is music to [Trump’s] ears … I think that Donald Trump just lives to torment those that torment him.”

Our president cannot be intimidated by threats and complaints. He will do what he feels is right regardless of the opposition. No amount of whining, sniveling, or picketing will change his mind. He has promised us immigration reform and a wall to help protect our borders, and that is still one of his top priorities, despite California’s desperate attempts to block him. Tim Donnelly, a former GOP state assemblyman and founder of the California Minutemen Party, said Trump would find a way to pay for the wall:

 “Trump will figure out how they can pay,’’ he said. “They’re not going to pay the bill up front — but if we save the money by not inviting another 200 million of the world’s poorest people to come in, who are very open to socialism – which means they will vote for Democrats and leftists and progressives — then over time we will have a mass savings.’’

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