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Mao’s Red Guards and Today’s Radical Left

The parallels between Mao Zedong's Red Guards and today's radical left. 

Throughout history, tyrannies have been built on a confused but passionate youth searching for meaning, channeling that desire through coercion, violence, and subservience to a lethal cause. During the 20th century, totalitarian states spawned a myriad of youth-led movements to carry out the aims of a dictator and advance socialist philosophies. Emboldened by the government and media, these kids used force and intimidation against anybody who disagreed with their ideas.

We are witnessing eerie similarities between yesterday’s Russian revolutionary vanguard, Germany’s Hitlerjugend, and Communist China’s Red Guards and today’s Black Lives Matter and Antifa fascist derelicts. In an age when violence is justified, will everyone to the right of Senator Bernie Sanders be conquered and victimized by the fatuous skinny white leftists pursuing a communist utopia?

The Red Guards: A Primer

A crucial tenet of China’s Cultural Revolution was the formation of the Red Guards. These were millions of middle and high school students who were mobilized and directed by Mao Zedong during the first two years of the paramilitary social movement. The communist dictator viewed the group as a bunch of useful idiots, exploiting the students to achieve his objectives of attacking dissidents, exposing right-wing figures in influential positions, and destroying historical symbols of China’s past.

He supplied them with a Little Red Book that contained a collection of his quotations and recommendations for leading a Red Guard life. A billion copies were made and distributed across the country. The indoctrination made its way to the school system. Maoism was in full force.

One of the Red Guards’ early initiatives had been targeting the “Four Olds”: culture, customs, habits, and ideas. As these young hooligans marched across China, they burned old books and art, decimated museums and temples, and renamed streets after revolutionary leaders. Public security diminished as central figures removed restraints on violent behavior, enabling the Red Guards to target any individual they wished. Every day, there were people beaten to death on city streets. If you dared disagree and not fall in line, you would be swarmed, shamed, harassed, and beaten.

What’s worse is that the state-run media lionized the campaign and granted the Red Guards political legitimacy through propaganda techniques. With personal support from Mao and an ally in the state press, the Red Guards were an unstoppable force without an immovable object in its path. That is until internal strife brought down these domestic terrorists as factionalism became prevalent within the movement.

Ultimately, the question that needs to be asked is: Why does all this sound familiar?

What’s Next?

Recently, the wokerati took to the streets of Washington, D.C., and marched across the city, howling at the moon that “white silence is violence.” In one viral video, an angry mob harassed diners and surrounded one woman who refused to raise her fist in the air. Despite reportedly supporting Black Lives Matter, the woman, identified as Lauren B. Victor, did not want to be coerced to follow the sheep. She committed the cardinal sin of individual thought and not caving to the mob.

In a separate skirmish following President Donald Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention, radical leftists shouted down Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), his wife, and Representative Vernon Jones (D-GA). The group of belligerent malcontents demanded that Sen. Paul “say her name,” referring to Breonna Taylor. She was shot by Louisville Metro Police Department officers Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove in March. If protesters had been paying attention, they would have known that Paul wrote legislation called “Justice for Breonna Taylor Act” that ends the practice of no-knock raids. Despite being a party known as tough on crime, the Republicans under Trump have led the way on criminal justice reform.

These are not isolated incidents either as social media has hosted thousands of videos showing the tragic nature of these protesters. Effigies, mock guillotines, property destruction – these are all par for the course of today’s Red Guards. And the rioters will continue to get away with their infantile and deranged behavior as the mainstream press reports things like “fiery but mostly peaceful protest” and “this is mostly a protest. It is not generally speaking unruly.” Of course, unsurprisingly, no word yet from CNN or MSNBC if these unhinged demonstrators are super-spreaders of COVID-19.

Society Falls to the Tyrant

American society will survive the riots of unbridled socialists, or liberty’s nation will fall to the tyrants. Republicans are vowing law and order if President Donald Trump is re-elected, while Democrats are burying their heads in the sand and mendaciously telling everyone the demonstrations are serene. Whatever strategy is employed, Liberty Nation Chief Political Correspondent Graham Noble is realistic when he recently wrote that it is “too late to tame the beast.” The cat is out of the bag, and the bag is in the river – and it will not matter if a Republican or a Democrat is in charge of the constitutional republic. The revolution will be live-streamed. The entire world may witness the U.S. metastasize into “extremist, left-wing authoritarianism that would allow no dissent and no individual liberty.”


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