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Is Twitter Escalating its War Against the Right?

Twitter suspends a “conspiracy” account just hours after Trump retweets.

The Twitter account identified by handle @LYNNTHO06607841 as “Lynn Thomas” found itself tossed into the round file to be recycled in the land of suspension limbo.  The action followed the president’s retweeting of a message declaring that “Democrats are the true enemies of the American people.”

The Twitter hall monitors took offense and whipped out the rule book – thumbing to the part that says, “You may not use Twitter’s services in a manner intended to artificially amplify or suppress information or engage in behavior that manipulates or disrupts people’s experience on Twitter.”

What does that even mean? That could be said of every tweeter out there because the platform is a narcissistic vanity machine and folks are vying for attention.   But not every tweeter is a declared “Fierce Trump supporter” who claims to not be a bot.

Is this just another shot by social media platforms to censor conservative voices in an effort to stop Trump from a successful 2020 reelection bid?

If you’re unsure, ask yourself, is “Lynn Thomas” wrong?

When you cogitate on the current Democratic Party – the one who wants socialism, Green New Deals, Vegan menus for all, open borders, and bank accounts for illegal aliens – how far off the mark is that statement?

You Can’t Do That

Lynn Thomas’ full lambasting of the left includes another Trump thumbs-up declarative: “DEMOCRATS ARE THE ONLY ONES INTERFERING IN OUR ELECTIONS. WHY DO YOU THINK THEY SO STRONGLY OPPOSE VOTER ID?”

Again, Democrats oppose voter identification and want illegal aliens granted the same rights of natural born and naturalized citizens to vote.

Thomas may be right, but the account has apparently been under scrutiny for some time for a few interesting – some might say outlandish – ideas.  One, the poster follows QAnon, gasp, the horror. Two, Lynn Thomas has attempted to link Mr. and Mrs. Clinton to “torturing and sacrificing children” and harvesting human pineal glands to gain mind control.   The account holder may be outfitted in tin – or not – but celebrities who have free rein to say stupid, inflammatory, outright lies, aren’t suspended if they lean hard left.  None of the other Lynn Thomas tweets resulted in suspension.  But a Trump retweet kicked that account straight to the curb.

President Trump has 62,450,704 followers.  One single retweet of a controversial account holder, with a clear statement of their distaste for the Democratic Party, and national news coverage is that Trump is amplifying Lynn Thomas’ presence on the platform.

In an interview with C-Span, the president indicated he had few “regrets” for tweeting over the years, but did acknowledge that the difficulty in discerning a real account in a matter of seconds can cause issues:

“The bigger problem are the retweets. You’ll retweet something that sounds good, but it turned out to be from a player that’s not the best player in the world, that sort of causes a problem.”

And They Really Shouldn’t Do This

There is little doubt that Google, Facebook, Twitter and other leftist-run social media platforms are out to silence conservative voices, expression, and influences.  The Trump loving dynamic black duo, Diamond and Silk, were stalled by Youtube, ater their videos were deemed “not suitable” for all advertisers.  Prager U was censored on Facebook, and even celebrity James Woods was flagged by Twitter for being an outspoken advocate for conservative fiscal policy.


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