What follows is Liberty Nation’s Exclusive interview with Larry Klayman. The founder of both Judicial Watch and government watchdog group Freedom Watch, Larry has been hailed as “the Clinton Nemesis” for his activism in bringing corrupt politicians into the harsh light of justice.

In part one of this two-part series, Liberty Nation Contributor Lorraine Silvetz asked Larry Klayman to expound on his ideas regarding the federal government’s prosecution of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.  Klayman currently represents Bundy and has much to say on the subject. What follows are Larry’s thoughts and views on the Bundy debacle:

Mr. Klayman: It’s a great victory for Cliven Bundy, the people of Nevada, and the people throughout the country. We waged a mini-revolution in court that was like a Second American Revolution, in that we defeated a tyrannical federal government that committed crimes, frankly, to try to have them convicted. It was not dissimilar to what the approach of King George the Third in the days leading up to the American Revolution. We’ve seen before that you can’t allow the federal government to come in and bust into your ranch, your home, assault your sister, kill your cattle, threaten your lives.

LN: Despite the Las Vegas Review-Journal suggesting that “The prosecutors have a friend in Gloria Navarro,” the presiding judge chose not to side with the federal government in the end.

Mr. Klayman: Judge Navarro didn’t want to go down with the sinking ship because her standing as a federal judge was on the line. While she’d rubber stamped everything that the prosecution had wanted up until the latter part of this short trial, she reversed course and slammed them to the mat because she realized that her own future was on the line. That’s my opinion.

Then, Judge Navarro didn’t even consider this recent whistleblower that came forward, Larry Wooten, from the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) that revealed intense anti-Mormon prejudice. That there were kill lists for Cliven Bundy and his family.That there were pictures of him hanging on the wall of BLM with targets on them.

LN: Larry went on to explain how President Trump had shown support for the plight of the Bundy family, and how the FBI and DOJ have been involved in suspect practices at all levels of society:

Mr. Klayman: President Trump was very supportive of Cliven Bundy and the other ranchers during the campaign. He understands the federal overreach of the lands in the west. I believe he understands the federal government does not truly own the land, but that the states own the land and we look forward to his support.

What President Trump has experienced with regard to the deceit and prosecutorial misconduct with the FBI and the Justice Department, the Bundys have experienced, too, so they have similar experiences here. This cesspool of a Justice Department has been persecuting the President and doing a lot of illegal things, including illegal unmasking, wiretaps, and leaks of Grand Jury information…you name it. I think the President can identify with the Bundys and vice versa. That’s why we’re seeking a meeting with him because we need to work with him to clean this up.

When setting out what had happened to him at a press conference in front of the Sheriff’s Station, Cliven Bundy recounted:

“I tried to meet with the Sheriff this morning. I told him to come to this press conference, but I look to him to protect me in the future. He should have done it before,and if he’s not going to do it, I’m going to work to have another sheriff appointed because it’s his jurisdiction. The land that I ranch on is in his jurisdiction. He was there to protect me against the federal government who wrongly claims a right to manage that land through the Bureau of Land Management and we hold him accountable.”

LN: Larry went on to explain how the Sheriff is responsible for certain jurisdictions and how the Constitution is violated when the citizens are not protected.

Mr. Klayman:  There’s a thing called the 10th Amendment, which is state’s rights and Clark County is incorporated into the State of Nevada. Consequently, his first responsibility is to protect the Bundys and the other ranchers and people in and around them.

Sheriff Lombardo has failed to do that. He not only did that, but Cliven pointed out how he had previously lied on the witness stand in prior related cases, this Sheriff Lombardo, and said that there were guns pointed at his people. That was not the case. In fact, one of the pieces of evidence that was withheld was that the federal government knew that and that there was even a risk assessment before everything started that the Bundy’s were not a threat.

Yet, they’d been making all these arguments in court that everybody felt threatened. The Bundy’s never picked up an arm. They never even had brandished weapons during this whole thing.


In part two, Larry talks about government overreach and the defense of liberty.


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