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HO HO HO Biden’s Plan to Save Christmas

The looming specter of Santa’s empty sack brought Mr. Biden to the teleprompter to tell us “the world has changed.”

In the classic Christmas flick Trading Places, Eddie Murphy reminds his wealthy employers that all the folks out there are thinking about Christmas and worry whether they will be able to buy their kid “the G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu grip.” Change the G.I. Joe to the Original Spawn Action Figure, and Murphy’s words sound downright prescient in 2021. But worry not, all’s well now because, as Joe Biden told America in a nationwide televised address Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 13, he has been diligently working on this supply chain problem since February.

Attention Christmas Shoppers!

Logjam Of Container Ships Clog Southern California Ports

Port of Los Angeles
(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

It is not even Halloween, and the Biden administration is backpedaling up Heartbreak Hill to stave off the menacing threat of a sparse Christmas for all the little boys and girls out there. Taking to the teleprompter, the president’s message to Americans was that the White House would fix the nation’s supply troubles by forcing the two largest ports in the United States to open 24/7 – something previously announced. The president told us that having the ports open in the evening is vital because “the night hours are critical for increasing the movement of goods because highways, highways are less crowded in the evening, at night.”

Imagine that.

However, having ports open longer does not address the fact that, as of October 13, no less than 60 mammoth container ships were anchored off the Port of Los Angeles with nowhere to go. Why? Because the containers – stacked three stories high – are crowding the docks to overflowing. And why would that be? Maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with the lack of trucks and drivers, not to mention the government red tape. And why would there be a shortage of truck drivers suddenly in the U.S.A.? Perhaps – just spitballing here – some truck drivers do not want to be forced to get vaccinated? Or it could be some would rather sit home with a government check and watch Netflix?

But wait – the president offered some startling new information. “It’s called,” he gravely intoned, “a supply chain for a reason.”  However, he cautioned, “today’s announcement has the potential to be a game-changer. I say potential because all of these goods won’t move by themselves.”

Good to know.

Having potentially solved the supply chain problem for the upcoming holiday season, the president spent the rest of his precious time on national television telling the American people that all could be solved if only Congress would pass his revolutionary infrastructure bill. In a naked attempt to turn a looming economic disaster into a political food fight, Biden waxed on about how $3.5 trillion would prevent such problems in the future. Liberty Nation Senior Political Analyst Tim Donner responded by saying:

“This is a transparent attempt by the president to preemptively control any damage from supply chain disruptions which, if they interfere with Christmas, will send Biden’s already sinking poll numbers into unrecoverable territory. He is essentially threatening private industry, saying they will be blamed if problems arise, because he has commanded these ports to be open 24/7.”

By talking down to the American people by way of simplistic answers to a complicated issue, his words served to exacerbate the obvious problem – that a career politician hasn’t a clue how to fix an economy that’s spiraling out of control. From energy independence to rattling the tin cup for oil in just a few short months, an inflation rate not seen since 1991, not to mention the cost of food headed toward the stratosphere – his message became as clear as a snowflake falling on Christmas Eve: He has no answers, cannot think through complex issues, has never run a business, and is entirely clueless as to what to do about the possibility of Americans having to skip Christmas this year.

Where are the three wise men when you need them?

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