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Has Biden Already Caused a Middle Eastern Military Escalation?

There is reason to believe a Biden presidency would return the Middle East to regional instability.

Shortly after the legacy media declared former Vice President Joe Biden the winner in the 2020 presidential election, some military group, likely controlled by Israel, assassinated Iran’s top nuclear scientist. Would this have happened if President Donald Trump had been declared the winner?

Military Operation

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

Iran’s top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was treated as a military asset by the Iranian regime. While he was being transported in a bulletproof car and escorted by multiple military vehicles, more than 60 people attacked the convoy and killed Fakhrizadeh in what can only be described as a James Bond-like plot.

Although the assassins have not been identified, experts and the legacy media have pointed to Israel as the obvious suspect. Given that 2020 is the year when most people learned not to trust either experts or the legacy media on anything remotely political, the attacker could have easily been from another country, even the United States.

Why Now?

However, assuming that it was an Israeli operation, the motivation is obvious: Israel does not want Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. Israelis have been openly worrying about this for years, but why do something about it now? What could have triggered such drastic action?

The attack came only three weeks after the U.S. presidential election and after the media had declared Biden the winner. Under the Obama administration, Biden was instrumental in implementing the Iran deal, which involved delivering billions of dollars in cash to the Iranian regime.

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu

President Barack Obama’s Middle East policy strengthened Iran and ISIS and destabilized the region. Indeed, military experts such as Dr. Victor Davis Hanson have pointed out that Obama’s disastrous effects on the Middle East are likely what created fertile ground for Trump’s success in forging peace agreements in the region.

In his congratulations to Biden, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu spent most of his time praising Trump and urging Biden to continue along the same track.

The attack shows that perhaps Israelis are not too happy about what is in store under a Biden administration. They likely fear a return to the Iran agreement.

War Through Weakness

If this analysis is correct, it means that Biden has already caused military escalation in the Middle East, even before he is officially elected president. It is a powerful demonstration of Trump’s doctrine of peace through strength by its opposite: Weakness leads to war.

If the Israeli government had been confident that Trump would win another four years in office, would it have felt the need to carry out an urgent assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist? Given that the globalists who side with Biden have already come out to condemn Israel for the attack, the small Jewish nation has probably got a confirmation that the days of U.S. support may be over if Biden is sworn in as president.


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