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Does Anyone Like Joe Biden?

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Articles, Media, Politics

He’s a folksy man of the people, who understands those hard-working Americans toiling away at their jobs with maximum hours and minimal pay.  A man who works tirelessly for the middle class – the rural people scattered in small towns and communities across the nation.  And he wants to save jobs, help create an environment friendly to industry, and promote an equal to all environment from sea to shining sea.

He is the populist choice, my friends.

Whoa, not so fast political public relations people. That does not quite jive with the Joe Biden the American electorate knows.  And they’ve known this cat a long time. After all, he’s been in the limelight since his marathon political career began back in 1973.

What is painfully amusing to watchers of the current season of political theater is that the alt-left media messengers are having none of this bionic Joe Biden 2.0 that’s being crammed down their throats.  And just as the man considers a run for the brass ring.

Biden, with a big toothy grin, claims he is “labor from belt buckle to shoe buckle,” and Democrats – probably all old, white guys — say he is the “kind of guy you could have a beer with.”

He’s crafted yet another image, eerily similar to Trump’s real visage, as the homespun, down-home Uncle Joe.

And that’s where alt-left journalist Zach Carter draws a line in the sand, stating in a recent HuffPost article, “There’s only one problem with this carefully cultivated image: Joe Biden’s entire career.”

You won’t often see Liberty Nation agreeing with HuffPost writers, but this one might be right this time.

The Problem with a Long Career

For months, the man who has run for president consistently since 1988, has been positioning himself as the only person to beat President Trump – the billionaire next door one would chat up at the neighborhood block party.  Politico coined the Biden pre-campaigning a “working class whisperer tour” attempting to woo the alt left a bit more towards the right, and the moderate right, well, to veer left.

But Biden’s history in Democratic presidential primaries is an outright fail, having not once achieved even a close second.  In 1988, an accusation of plagiarism had him bowing out, and we watched in 2008 as his initial attempt didn’t move the needle away from the media sensation, Barack Obama.

But as chaos ensues in today’s political cage fighting candidate field, Biden’s early efforts appear to be taking root.  Recent polls have our everyday hero leading the already declared rumblers. The maybe-candidate holds a whopping 10-point lead over his closest rival, socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Media sweetheart and pioneering rap-music aficionado Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) trails in a distant third spot.

But Biden’s 40-year political chameleon career does not mesh well with the new socialist-leaning Dems dominating the airwaves. And his new arch enemy, HuffPost, was quick to dig up the past, finding an old interview in 1974 with the monthly glossy publication, Washingtonian:

“A lot of us sit around thinking up ways to vote conservative just so we don’t come out with a liberal rating. When it comes to civil rights and civil liberties, I’m a liberal, but that’s it. I’m really quite conservative on most other issues.”

That kind of reckless rhetoric is not going to win votes from the socialist class.

And his wavering record should be rightly brought into the debate.  In the 1988 brief stint as a presidential candidate, Biden parroted outgoing President Ronald Reagan’s less government, radical tax relief message.  And there are hundreds of bi-partisan votes and stances that will likely come to light if Biden attempts to rise to the top of the Democrats.

HuffPost sees no positives in a man who has worked across the aisle as often as Uncle Joe:

“Biden’s regular Joe credibility is based entirely on his personal background, as someone who grew up working class and speaks with the rough masculinity that Washington interprets as authenticity. But his politics have always relied on elite assumptions about the economy: Deficits are bad, deregulation is smart, and the government is at best a clumsy steward of economic prosperity.”

What is wrong with “rough masculinity”?

joe-biden-ralph-northam-8216lost-all-moral-authority8217-should-resign-8216immediately8217Has Biden Lost His Appeal?

Despite the cringe-worthy images of Biden getting up close and handsy with the female persuasion – he must be a focus of #MeToo eventually – it appears he is just too white, too male, and too privileged to earn the nod of the Democrats.  Despite his middle-class roots in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Biden has spent his political capital being a moderate proponent of capitalism.  And he has a long history of working with Republicans on tax and regulation issues. Yikes.

How is he still standing when the crazy socialist left is demanding an agenda of no fossil fuels, universal income for those who are unwilling to get off the couch, and free stuff for everyone?

The chameleon politician who everyone seems to like has irritated a tantrum-throwing, socialist-loving, ignorant generation.  And HuffPost just pasted the first “Kick Me” sign on the back of our old Uncle Joe.

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