Pardon the pun, but this is just delicious – too good not to pass on to our right-thinking readers.

Did you know that there are seven species of living things that eat their own? According to the publication, The Week they are sand tiger sharks, polar bears, spiders, hamsters, parasitic wasps, chickens and tiger salamanders.

Now there’s an eighth: Democrats.

Yes, indeed. The sharks are circling none other than that bastion of leftist wisdom, that tiger of erudite genius, David Brock.

For those unfamiliar with this pillar of progressivism, Mr. Brock is the political operative who founded the liberal Media Matters for America watchdog, and key associate of the Clinton presidential campaign. No need to know any more about him. Trust me.

According to Asawin Suebsaeng of The Daily Beast, hungry democratic wolves are circling Brock, ready to devour him for helping blow the election. Here’s a tiny morsel of what they are serving up, just to whet your taste buds:

I met with him a couple times—he’s f***ing weird,” a former Obama administration official, who also requested anonymity, told The Daily Beast. “I felt like I was meeting Mugatu from Zoolander… I don’t know what the f*** [Brock’s network] did besides raise a ton of money, and I don’t think the after-action report on 2016 says we need more David Brock. Probably the opposite is true.

And then there’s this one:

He has a tendency to overstate his level of impact and importance,” a former operative of one of Brock’s organizations said. “There is a sense [in Brock’s own groups] that he cares less about progressive policies and moving the ball forward, and is actually more focused on stroking his ego.

And this:

Another senior 2016 Clinton aide, who asked not to be named because the ex-staffer did “not want to deal with Brock’s bulls***,” described Brock and his organizations in 2016 as “useless—you might as well have thrown those [tens of] millions of dollars down a well, and then set the well on fire.”

If these are the folks on Mr. Brock’s side, let’s hope he doesn’t run across any enemies — lest we find only a decaying carcass on the side of the road.

By most accounts, Brock is not easy to like: abrasive, self-involved, a former conservative who’s turned. A born-again lefty is a slippery animal. And speaking of slippery, there is perhaps none as slick as the lizard-man himself, James Carville, who appears to be a Brock enthusiast:

Are they calling for purges?” Carville rhetorically asked The Daily Beast. “David has a really good relationship with a lot of donors and people who can help the party. If I were them, I would be thinking of ways I could work with David Brock, as opposed to having a tribunal determining the extent of party purity. I don’t think we need to walk around with ideological chastity belts.

Perhaps this is just one of those times when what goes around comes around. Better yet, it could simply be a case of history repeating itself. On April 21, 1961, another Democrat, President John F. Kennedy, uttered during a press conference, “Victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan.”

Without a doubt, Mr. Brock has become that parentless child of the left. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

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