When the U.S.  government indicts a Democratic  congresswoman with twenty-two counts of wire and mail fraud, government theft and filing false tax returns that result in an embarrassing loss of a Congressional seat, previously held for twelve terms, what’s that girl to do?  Well, as every woman knows – shopping therapy is most assuredly in order.

And so, Corrine Brown, formerly (D-FL), recited a short version of the Serenity prayer, steered into the legal skid like a NASCAR pro at Daytona, and embarked on an epic spending spree to exhaust her remaining campaign coffers.  Were campaign bills still owed to vendors?  So what, this woman needed a vacation, a hot meal, and a new ensemble to sport in court:

[Corrine] Brown, who lost to former Florida state Sen. Al Lawson in the August 2016 primary, spent $11,278 on “lodging” at a Marriot Hotel in Bethesda, Md., in late September 2016, nearly one month after the election.  In addition to the hotel expenditures, the campaign disclosed three “petty cash” transactions totaling more than $2,000 during the two-week span between October 16 and November 4.

Brown, who seemingly has not learned a thing, about appropriating OP money (code for other people’s hard earned cash) to use as a personal slush fund of sorts went on an epic spending spree.

If you haven’t kept up with the latest news on this dynamic legislator, here’s the backstory:  Last July, a year-long investigation into tax fraud and an unholy alliance with one Virginia charity, One Door for Education Foundation, also known as the slush fund, ended abruptly.  Brown and her chief of staff, Ronnie Simmons were indicted for money laundering and tax evasion.   Leftists cried foul, and House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was “deeply saddened’ as Brown stood defiantly in front of cameras proclaiming her innocence.  But the most endearing comment was made by Florida State Senator Audrey Gibson (D-6), who said Brown was “the victim of circumstances, wherein she trusted someone whom she thought had a heart for the underserved, as she does.”

(The Florida Times-Union/Bob Self)

The resemblance to Mother Teresa is uncanny. Or is it James Brown in drag – I can’t tell.

One Door was the pet project of Carla Wiley; a charity set up to honor her mother, a longtime and beloved schoolteacher in Loudoun County, Virginia.  A noble cause.  Carla Wiley is also the co-indicted girlfriend of Chief of Staff Simmons.  Imagine that.

Here’s what these two savants resolved to do:

She [Wiley] was approached in 2012 by Simmons, who said Brown needed a nonprofit to host a reception that was being held in her honor. Wiley agreed to help and soon opened a separate bank account in the group’s name. She gave Simmons the debit card and check book… She would also attend several of the lavish events, like Beyoncé concert and NFL football game in luxury boxes, that were paid for by One Door.

Why is it when discussing criminal Democrats, a Beyoncé always comes up?  But back to Wiley and One Door.  Wiley was finally pinned down by the FBI and was scared enough to spill the down and dirty deeds on Brown.   She cut a deal with prosecutors and testified earlier this week, “There were a lot of fundraisers, but not a lot of scholarships being given,” she said.

Brown, ever quick on her feet, when asked about Wiley, responded, “Who? I don’t know who that is.  Don’t discuss local gossip with me.”  The shrieking from pantsuit fire alarms was deafening.

But alas, investigators and prosecutors kept panning and have recently disclosed this little nugget of gold:

An FBI agent last week told jurors banking records reflected just $1,200 spent on scholarships and about $10,000 in other charitable giving by the organization formally named One Door for Education – The Amy Anderson Scholarship Fund to honor Wiley’s mother.

Prosecutors said tens of thousands of dollars was taken from a One Door bank account and deposited in cash into Brown’s accounts, although she had no formal role in One Door or authority over its account. About $330,000 was spent on receptions and events that centered around Brown, jurors were told last week.

There’s that liberal philosophy—keep the uneducated masses just that, convince them you are pulling them out of the darkness, and get rich in the process of fabricating the biggest hoax on a political party in decades.

For someone who, if convicted, is facing up to 357 years in prison and a $4.8 million dollar fine, she radiates confidence and a carefree attitude—which may backfire with the judge and jury.  As Brown entered the courtroom, she blew a kiss to her fans in the peanut gallery and settled in like the belle of the ball at a debutante party.

The future is uncertain, and not looking bright for this former Clinton super delegate as she has run-off three sets of attorneys in the past year (Could it be for lack of payment?) and her longtime criminal co-conspirators have cut deals with prosecutors, leaving Brown all by herself to twist in the wind. But I wouldn’t count Brown out yet—maybe she didn’t spend every thin dime of the reported $800,000 she snookered out of donors, and there is a chunk of change stashed in an off-shore account.   Maybe the liberal courts will believe her tale of woe and ignorance and acquit her. Or, perhaps she will adjust her wig (apparently borrowed from California Congresswoman Maxine Waters), hitch up her polyester pants, and yell “hold my beer,” while continuing down a criminal path to which she has become accustomed.

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