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BLM Protesters are Only Ones Immune to COVID-19, Says de Blasio

New York City mayor decides that only those people to whom he wishes to pander have First Amendment rights.

After rolling bright yellow paint in front of Trump Tower in childish solidarity with Black Lives Matter, the mayor of New York City laid down the law. Okay, not so much the law, but with a stern voice and furrowed brow Bill de Blasio canceled large events in the city until further notice. No concerts, no weddings, no school dances: but protests? Oh, yes, plenty of protests – but only BLM protests made the cut.

How is this guy still in office?

Appearing on CNN after an exhausting and distinctly cosseting moment of street painting with other folks wishing to be newsworthy, de Blasio explained to Wolf Blitzer: “We understand, at this moment in history, people are talking about the need for historic changes … this is a historic moment of change.”

Violent outbursts, rioting, looting, flipping cars, and inflicting injury and death on innocents is peachy-keen. But don’t you dare throw a Bar Mitzvah, you, you, racist pig, you.

Of course, the mayor isn’t liked or appreciated by anyone at this point. He prattled on, defining why some events are immune to COVID-19 while others are apparently not. “The kind of gatherings we’re used to, the parades, the fairs,” he wisely opined, “we just can’t have that while we’re focusing on health right now.”

And then while not focusing on health, he delivered another stellar argument for excluding protests from the protection of public health: “Recognizing the power and the meaning of the message Black Lives Matter, which we did in front of Trump Tower today.” Wolf felt the need to back off the serious questioning and switched gears, asking about the U.S. Open – deftly refraining from engaging in any additional BLM talk.

What a Goober

De Blasio’s latest stunt in his desire to be popular has had the impact much of America expected. Folks are riled-up across the nation. The apparent in-your-face double standards caught the attention of self-described filmmaker Mike Cernovich, who seems to be skulking around every corner. He tweeted: “Siri, give me a smoking gun exhibit to include in a first amendment lawsuit brought against New York City.”

Siri answered him with a link to the CNN clip. It’s all in good fun until after a moment’s pause when one realizes that America is watching the First Amendment being split into two lists: Anything BLM wants to do, when, where, and how often and those who aren’t immoral or insane but try to live by the country’s Constitution. Which begs the question, does Bill have any political advisors? It seems clear that he is knee-jerking like a politician without filter or handler.

A Dangerous Goober

Just a few weeks prior, de Blasio’s department of health was alarming the good citizens of the Big Apple, stating that blacks are twice as likely to die from COVID-19 as white citizens. At the time in the five boroughs, 1,999 black (or African) Americans had perished. Mr. de Blasio told The New York Times in April: “There are clear inequalities, clear disparities in how this disease is affecting the people of our city.”

So sure, let’s encourage our black protesters to gather by the thousands and risk spreading the damn virus to more black people. He should not then be surprised when the numbers spike again in the coming months.

It makes a thinking person wonder if de Blasio has his eye on being first in at least something these days.


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