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Is Trump Preparing to Burn Down the Swamp?

In the wake of election chaos, will Trump take one final swing at draining the Swamp?

The termination of Secretary of Defense Mark Esper might have been the first post-election grenade tossed into the Swamp by President Donald Trump. As the real estate billionaire mogul potentially winds down his presidency and returns to a multi-billion-dollar private life of luxury, could Trump spend his remaining days in the Oval Office targeting the forces that undermined his administration? From the deep state to the globalists, President Trump has endured a heavy bombardment from a long list of adversaries since he went down that eponymous New York tower escalator in 2015. With only a couple of months until Inauguration Day 2021, Washington might need to beware the man with nothing to lose.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

The U.S. government spying on his presidential campaign. The Democrats talking impeachment before he was even sworn in as the 45th president. The media spending all its airtime and white space shrieking about bombshells that would result in “the walls closing in,” “the beginning of the end,” and “the tipping point.” Russia! Recession! Racism! Adolf Hitler! Orange Man Bad! Yet despite the perpetual negative press coverage from the bubbles inside New York City and Washington, D.C., Trump secured more than 70 million votes in the 2020 race, increasing his total support by about eight million from four years ago – that is a lot of names for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to add to her enemies list.

After a never-ending blitzkrieg, the left is demanding Trump walk quietly into the night. But why would he, following the onslaught of contemptible postulation by the media wing of the Democratic Party?

Regardless of the final election outcome, President Trump still has 60-something days left in his term. He might utilize this time to carry out the remaining items on his to-do list in his MAGA / America First agenda. Could he also conjure up ways to exact revenge on his challengers within the intelligence community, the military-industrial complex, and the Fourth Estate? Revenge is a dish best served as Trump Steaks.

Imagine the level of hysteria emanating from the neoconservative-leftist alliance if he pulls out all troops stationed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany, South Korea, and every other foreign land that eats away at U.S. taxpayer dollars and threatens the lives of American soldiers. Think of the collective meltdown in the alphabet soup of cable news networks should the president issue pardons for Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. What would happen if Trump delivered an address from the White House to reveal the contents inside Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” for the heck of it?

Perhaps the president is “Biden his time” and waiting for the results of his federal lawsuits to fire off warning shots in the swampland. In his first and potentially only term in public office, Trump has developed the moniker of Troller in Chief, so anything is possible at this point. He has been an unconventional president, but his unorthodox style has produced results for the conservative movement that will stand the test of time among historians not suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Citizens of MAGA Country may demand that Trump exit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue not with a whisper, but with a bang.

Drain the Swamp

During a Grand Rapids, MI rally in front of thousands of people, President Trump declared that “we need to finish exactly what we came here to do: Drain the Swamp.” Did he fall short of this ultimate objective? While establishment figures opine that Trump had gone too far on multiple fronts, post-2016 Republicans would aver that he did not go far enough. You could assert that he added to the foul Swamp stench in the White House by bringing John Kelly and James Mattis to the fold. But that is ancient history, considering everything that has happened in the last 1,400 days. The next two months will be critical for President Trump. His legacy has already been defined, but what he does until January 20, 2021, will either fulfill the vision of draining the Swamp or come up a few yards short of the goal line.


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