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How To Understand The Leftist Mind

by | Mar 28, 2017 | Politics, The Left

Are you one of those who for the life of it cannot understand how leftists think?  You are not alone, but don’t worry.  After reading this article, you will have a dramatically improved understanding of the Left, and be able to predict their attitudes and behavior.

Here is a test for you:  Ask a bunch of leftists to name the worst regime in the world quickly.  You will be surprised to learn that in most cases they will not answer North Korea which enslaves its own people.  They will not answer Saudi-Arabia which treats women as property and servants worse than animals.   Nor will they answer Iran, which hangs homosexuals and punishes rape victims.  They will not answer Venezuela, which has been so botched that people are starving.  Nor will they mention genocidal Sudan, socialist China, communist Cuba, war-torn Syria, the rape capital South Africa, crazy-town Afghanistan or any of the other third world hell holes across the globe

No, shockingly often they will answer the United States or Israel as the worst regime in the world!

If you don’t believe it, just test it for yourself.  Similarly, leftists shockingly often think that the U.S.  is the most racist country in the world and the country which invented slavery.

How can leftists hold such spectacularly incorrect beliefs? To answer this, we need to look at the core belief of the Left, the fundamental unfairness of inequality.

Leftists mostly do not believe in individual agency.  They think that people end up where they do in life due to their genes, environment, culture, class and pretty much anything other than their own individual choices.  People’s fortunes or misfortunes essentially boil down to luck.  If you are wealthy, it is because you were lucky to be born to rich white parents who gave you a good childhood in a world of white privilege.  If you are poor, it is because you were unlucky to be born to poor black parents in a structurally racist society.  How unfair!

Therefore, the only fair thing to do is to redistribute and equalize wealth.  Take from the lucky rich and give to the unlucky poor, and thereby undo the unjust lottery of life.

Most conservatives have a rough understanding of this line of reasoning when it comes to material wealth, but the key point that most miss is that leftists also apply this idea to morality and, in general, to any concept that can be ranked on a scale from bad to good.

Think about that for a moment.  If someone is better than someone else is, leftists think of it as a form of injustice that they must correct.  How do they do that? By taking away the good from the good and giving it to the bad.  They want redistribution and equalization of value, virtue, and morality.

To redistribute good and bad, they must invert reality.  They smear the good and praise the bad to bring everyone together in the morally gray middle where no one is better or worse than anyone else.  They declare that the good are bad because they are good, and that the bad are good because they are bad. (Think on that for a moment.)

Now it should make a whole lot more sense to you why they say that the U.S. is the worst regime in the world.  They think the U.S. is so good that it makes North Korea and Saudi Arabia look bad, which is an injustice that needs correction.

Once you understand this moral inversion, you have the tools to decode what leftists really think about the world.  It’s simple: Everyone they criticize and attack they think are good, and everyone they defend and excuse they think are bad.  The more they attack someone, the better they think of that person.  The more they defend and excuse someone, the worse they think of that person.

So let us now apply this method to see what leftists truly believe.  First, they say that only whites can be racist.  In opposite land, this means that they think whites are the superior race, better than all other races.  Therefore, only whites can ever be criticized for anything.

This also explains the curious fact that they say the harsh criticism of Islam is racist.  Leftists think that Islam is a religion only for brown people.  Whites are too smart and too good to become Muslims, they think.  In their view, criticizing Islam is really to criticize brown people for being stupid.  It is like shaming someone with Down’s syndrome for making a mistake.

The term “Islamophobia” can be explained in a similar way.  When conservatives say that they fear radical Islam, they declare that Muslims are able, competent people who are strong and therefore can do a lot of harm.  Fear is a sign of respect.  Leftists criticize this as “Islamophobia” because they think that Muslims are disabled and incompetent, and therefore nothing to fear.  Fear of Islam is unwarranted because Muslims are too ignorant to ever be able to truly harm anyone.  They think Islam should not be respected but patronized.

It should now be clear to you that leftists harbor awfully racist unconscious beliefs beneath their sneering veneer.  They attack conservatives for being racist precisely because they are not. They feel guilty about their own racism, and lash out at those who are better than them, to equalize morality.

Once you understand this crucial aspect of how leftists think, it should be much easier to argue against them and their ideas.

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