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Twitter and Trump and the Weirdos

For Heartlanders, it was a week of anger, resignation, and hope.

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[substack align=”right”]Twitter and Trump were what everyone in flyover states yammered about this past week. A soap opera actress made an outlandish claim while trolling a federal agency about the late Ivana Trump, the CEO of Whole Foods resigned with a kaboom against liberals, and Twitter released a plan for content heading into midterms. It was a week of anger, resignation, and hope for Heartlanders wishing to change the course of this nation in November.

Twitter And Trump

Soap opera actress and outlandishly outspoken anti-Trumper, Nancy Lee Grahn, used Twitter – the same social media platform that kicked the 45th president to the curb for life – to suggest the Federal Bureau of Investigation exhume the body of President Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana. Grahn, who has made her home at General Hospital since 1996, posted this peculiar rant earlier this week with horrid punctuation and grammar:

“Dear @FBI, I know u don’t need advice from a soap star, but having been in 10 or 10k implausible storylines in my 37 yrs, may I recommend digging up Ivana. [Clearly] it didn’t take 10 pall bearers to carry a liposuctioned 73 yr old who methinks was in her weight in classified docs.”

The left also rumors that Trump knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried. Lord. Despite being appalled at the callousness of this particular limousine liberal, flyover folks were aghast at the gall of the woman. They also figured she was insane. In Athens, AL, Jeff Crawford was quick to declare that he was “Never surprised at how low liberals will go.” But Scott Manty in Centennial, CO, also pointed out that the actress will not lose her account, saying, “And yet she will stay on Twitter.”

But it was Terry Williams in Tennessee who was most concerned and offered advice to the latest victim of such a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome: “She needs to check herself into General Hospital.”

Twitter’s War on…

Twitter this week announced their super cool plans to manage content ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. In a blog post, they write:

“Twitter wants to empower voters to find reliable information about how to register, how to vote, and the choices on their ballot. To make it easier to find reliable news and accurate information about participating in the civic process, we’re launching a number of product updates.”

The good folks in red states were immediately suspicious of the social media platform’s timing, wondering aloud in many instances if it was gearing up for three months, give or take, of Twitter and Trump in the news. In Kansas City, MO, Denny Ballmann admitted, “I got off Twitter a long time ago. I think my life is better now that I’m out of that cesspool.” Texan Carol Ash was a former prisoner of Twitterverse and piped in, too: “Thank goodness I don’t have a Twitter account. Don’t want to worry about the Twitter Gestapo.”

The platform claims that they use this process to “protect civic conversation” ahead of the midterm elections. And now they are “activating enforcement” of its Civic Integrity Policy, which means Twitter people are deciding what is misleading information or “suppression of information.” So, we’ll just see about that “process.”

Socialism Finally Freaking Out Capitalists

GettyImages-1231542827 Whole Foods

(Photo by Ting Shen/Xinhua via Getty) (Xinhua/Ting Shen via Getty Images)

John Mackey is on his way out of the CEO job at Whole Foods, a business he founded 42 years ago. The shopping destination for most people who want to pay for organic everything and bulk foods finally attracted too many woke folks. Just as he was about to hit the light switch one last time and ride off into the sunset with a sweet retirement package, he was interviewed by Reason.

Mackey told the Libertarian magazine he feared socialists were “taking over” American life: “And I feel like, you know, with the way freedom of speech is today, the movement on gun control, a lot of liberties that I’ve taken for granted most of my life, I think, are under threat.” He grumbled about the generation of folks too lazy to work and those who will show up want wages fit for a king.

And that prompted an incredulous comment from Germaine Hendrickson in Vermilion, OH: “He just noticed?”

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