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Trump Calls CA Anti-Sanctuary State Leaders to White House

by | May 16, 2018 | Immigration, Narrated News

California leaders in who oppose the state’s sanctuary status received an invitation from President Donald Trump to meet and discuss the issue. Several of the Golden State’s politicians accepted the invite and met at the White House Wednesday, receiving gratitude and congratulations from the president.


The little city of Los Alamitos sparked a revolution recently when its city council approved legislation against SB 54, the sanctuary status bill, also ironically known as the “California Values Act.” The small town’s bold and brave mood, while stuck smack dab in the middle of mostly Democratic Orange County, inspired other cities and counties to take up the gauntlet – and the growing movement caught the attention of the White House.

According to a statement from the White House, the meeting was designed to hear “first-hand about how sanctuary policies undermine law enforcement operations and jeopardize community safety.” As an example:

“…an alleged gang member in San Francisco was arrested more than ten times between 2013 and 2017 for charges including rape, domestic battery, and assault. However, each time San Francisco denied a request to transfer the individual to Federal custody or even notify Federal officials before releasing the individual. This is an unacceptable risk to community safety. The President has made clear that these dangerous and obstructive sanctuary policies must end.”

Warren Kusumoto

Warren Kusumoto, mayor pro tem for Los Alamitos, was proud his city is leading the so-called revolution. “We were first, and we were the boldest,” he laughed. He said SB 54 is dangerous and that anyone with any common sense knows the legislation was put into effect to protect illegals.

The president was quick to praise the mayor saying: “You did us a great service, too. You’ve done a great job.”

Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel had a personal reason for opposing SB 54. “As a first generation Korean, I went through the process to be here,” she said. Out of 58 counties, she said 9 had already passed a resolution opposing the sanctuary status as well as more than 35 cities. And more are jumping on the wagon every day.

Steel said if politicians really listened to their constituents, they’d hear the truth. A majority of the calls she’s received were in favor of the proclamation against SB 54. Although recent polls claim otherwise, she said she doesn’t believe the polls. In fact, the few that have called her to complain about the resolution have accused her of being racist.

“Oh, my God,” Steel laughed. “First generation? How desperate are they to call me?”

Also on hand at the meeting were several sheriffs from the Central Valley and Southern California. Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson emphasized the importance of local law enforcement’s ability to be able to work with the federal government and ICE.

“Since 9 1 1 we have an unbelievable partnership with federal agents,” Christianson said. “There should be no interference in our ability to protect our community. We’re looking for the criminals, not people out working every day trying to build a better life.”

Currently, local lawmakers opposing SB 54 are mostly from central and southern parts of the state; however, the movement is gaining momentum. These are the areas closest to the California-Mexico border and therefore the most affected by illegals crossing over and entering their communities. But hopefully others will continue to take up the fight against the state’s forced sanctuary status. President Trump seems to think this will happen.

“Step by step we’re bringing it back,” the president said regarding immigration control. “And we will bring it back.”

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