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The TwitterZone: Social Media Democrats Turn on Health Experts

Woke Twitter becoming hysterical over school reopenings.

After weeks of rage-fueled grandstanding over President Trump’s urges to reopen schools in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Twitter doesn’t know who to believe in when it comes to contradicting the president any longer. Earlier this week, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) declared that across the state of New York, all school districts would be allowed to reopen with the proper policies in place. While Cuomo’s plan is sound and makes perfect sense from an educational standpoint, woke Twitter has been caught in a pickle. Progressives are shocked that Governor Cuomo, a staunch Trump critic and the champion of Democrats’ response to the pandemic, could agree with the president on the need to reopen schools and undermine their anti-Trump rhetoric.

The Presidential Opposition Ends

For all his misgivings earlier in the pandemic response, Governor Cuomo deserves some credit for drafting and sticking with his reopening plan. Instead of giving in to the mob of leftist progressives intent on keeping schools closed until the virus is completely gone, Governor Cuomo stuck with the proposal formed months ago as part of New York’s reopening strategy. Unlike many schools throughout the country that have reopened, New York’s scheme is slightly more in-depth and requires input from both parents and teachers to commence.

Governor Cuomo has been the one listening to the health experts at the CDC that woke Twitter once loved to praise. Experts are pushing to reopen schools because the alternative is doing more harm to children across the country. They understand that children often do not experience the harsh effects of COVID-19 and that the educational, emotional, and developmental harm being done to children from schools remaining closed vastly outweighs the danger of the virus.

Why Ignore Reality?

Ultimately, radicals on social media screeching against the dangers of reopening schools have found themselves once more standing against science. It is astounding to realize that the same groups of people lecturing Republicans about obeying CDC guidelines at all times are only supporting the science when it benefits them. As a result, it’s become hard to argue against President Trump’s theory that those on the left are impeding his reopening efforts to harm his re-election campaign.

It’s not hard to think about where progressives are going with their support for the never-ending shutdowns in so many states. If anything, this newfound opposition to the health experts they couldn’t praise enough for the last five months demonstrates their goals more clearly. They are intent on riding out the shutdown of our country to impede President Trump’s agenda and leave him as a lame-duck president for the remainder of the year.

If things go their way, and Joe Biden wins the presidency, is it perhaps likely that within months of his inauguration, the pandemic will magically be over, and life will go back to normal with a Democratic president in the White House taking credit? What these folks don’t realize is that an increasing proportion of Americans understand their real intentions behind prolonging shutdowns and school closures. Social media remains an echo chamber, so while progressives may pat each other on the back for demanding that everything remain locked down, polls suggest that ordinary Americans have had enough.

Thankfully, there are some on the left who refuse to neuter our country for political clout. Still, social media will continue to crucify and condemn Democrat and Republican politicians who want to mitigate the adverse effects of the shutdown on our lives. Until all of America is living off unemployment checks more extensive than their original paychecks, and Trump is out of office, the radical left Twitter mob will never push for America to reopen. Instead, they concern themselves more with destroying capitalism and indefinitely changing our country for the worse.


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