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Should Terrorists Be Wrapped In Bacon?

A recent news story out of the United Kingdom is so absurd that it either has to be fake news or a clever parody from The Onion: a policeman was fired for “gross misconduct” after writing in a social media comment that dead Islamic terrorists should be wrapped in bacon. Funny story, right? Unbelievably, that actually happened.

Chief Constable of Cumbria Jerry Graham

According to Breitbart:

“Speaking at the hearing, Chief Constable Jerry Graham said: “The conduct admitted by PC Lister today … refers to a Facebook post that he wrote that he either knew or should have known, or at least reasonably have foreseen, would have caused offense and be considered derogatory to members of the Muslim faith and by people of other faiths and none.

“PC Lister’s behavior and judgment have fallen so far below the standards expected that I have decided to dismiss him from the constabulary without notice.”

The logic of the Chief Constable is so warped that it boggles the mind. Imagine the very same scenario involving a “Christian” terrorist group that raped women and killed innocent people. What would happen if an atheist policeman in a Facebook comment suggested that these “Christian terrorists” should be denied a proper Christian burial and refused salvation? Most likely, the comment would receive cheers and congratulations from all corners of the earth, including Christians.

Yes, especially Christians. Is there any reasonable Christian who would not do anything in their power to disavow, discredit, and separate from any “Christians” who commit acts of terrorism in the name of Christ? Of course not.

Now do the same thought experiment with Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, or Jewish terrorists. You would expect the same reaction from all of them.

Somehow, the act of denigrating an Islamic terrorist by wrapping his dead body in bacon is supposed to be “considered derogatory to members of the Muslim faith.” Why? There is not a single statement in the Quran that explicitly prohibits wrapping murderers in bacon.

There is only one possible reason that any Muslim would consider this action derogatory to their faith, and that is if they sympathize with the terrorists – if they view them as legitimate warriors in the service of Allah.

This reveals the underlying cognitive dissonance in the minds of terrorist apologists like Jerry Graham. On the one hand, Islam is supposed to be a religion of peace and terrorists are supposed to be abusing and perverting the real Islam. If this were true, then good Muslims would be lining up to wrap the terrorists in bacon themselves to tell the world, Allah, and the terrorists that they will not accept perversion of their religion.

On the other hand, the Chief Constable must not be able to square this politically correct propaganda with his secret view of Muslims. He must unconsciously believe that all Muslims are terrorists and that is the reason why he thinks they would be offended.

That’s absurd. Many Muslims are peaceful people, and they should have no real reason to disapprove of doing this to awful human beings who murder, rape, and pillage in the name of their religion. So bring out that bacon.

In fact, once upon a time, Western values were so solidly held that even Hollywood promoted this solution. In the 1939 movie “The Real Glory” starring Gary Cooper, pigskin played a central role in the American’s defeat of the Moro Muslim rebellion in the Philippines.

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