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SAY WHAT? A Reckoning Ahead for Defiant Democrats

A week of spying and purges kept the Trump deranged unhinged.

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Columns, Opinion, Politics

Say What? is the segment of Liberty Nation Radio where we unveil some of the most wacky, astonishing, and damnable things uttered by politicians and the chattering class

Tim Donner: Democrats will be talking about the Mueller report for as long as they can get anyone to listen, but there could well be a big-time reckoning ahead for them.  Making the biggest news of the week, Attorney General William Barr, while testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, said that his department is focusing on how the whole Russian collusion delirium started. That involves the Obama Justice Department and FBI using that fake Russian dossier ordered up by the Hillary Clinton campaign as the basis for four FISA warrants that led to Obama’s FBI investigating the Trump 2016 campaign and eventually to special counsel Robert Mueller.

William Barr: The office of the Inspector General (IG) has a pending investigation of the FISA process in the Russian investigation … I am going to be reviewing both the genesis and the conduct of intelligence activities directed at the Trump campaign during 2016 … I think spying on a political campaign is a big deal.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH): So you’re not suggesting, though, that spying occurred?

Barr: I don’t … Well, I guess you could … I think there was. Spying did occur. Yes, I think spying did occur.

Tim: Apparently not expecting that particular question, Barr wasn’t quite sure what to say now, was he? But Barr is now on the record as giving some credence to the stories that have circulated for months on end about the Obama Justice Department setting up and spying on the Trump campaign. Such stories have been thoroughly documented but, of course, ignored by the elite media because they don’t fit the prefabricated narrative that Trump was the perpetrator of Russian collusion and Hillary Clinton was a victim. But they won’t be able to ignore it once the IG comes out with his report. Of course, they’ll attack IG Michael Horowitz the same way they attacked Attorney General Barr, but then what else is new?

Meanwhile, as Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen stepped down and was replaced by the head of Customs and Border Patrol, Kevin McAleenan, and the head of Secret Service was also replaced, Democrats spoke in ominous terms about Trump’s shakeup and got the elite media to, as usual, dutifully do the left’s bidding on Trump’s purges. And a former FBI official, a guy named Frank Figliuzzi, went on MSNBC and said that two resignations amount to workplace violence.

Various establishment media voices: Happening now, breaking news, security purge … A full-scale purge at DHS … A full-scale purge … So, what’s next in this staffing purge? … After a purge at the Department of Homeland Security … That purge continues … The president’s purge … We’ve seen the purge.

Frank Figliuzzi: Are we watching a president essentially on his way to what we call a flashpoint, and are we now beginning to see him act out in the form of purging? Are we essentially watching a workplace violence incident play out at the highest level of our government?

Tim: You serious? Workplace violence? That’s what it’s come to in the Democrats’ never-ending quest to kneecap the 45th president.

Eric Swalwell

The bulging field of Democrats looking to unseat President Trump grew to 18 candidates this week, with the entrance of Eric Swalwell, an obscure congressman from California who made a name for himself as one of the most deranged Trump-Russia conspiracy theorists in the House. It seemed fitting somehow that Swalwell would announce on, of all places, a late-night comedy show, Stephen Colbert’s.

Eric Swalwell: I talk to kids who sit in their classroom afraid that they’ll be the next victim of gun violence. They see Washington doing nothing about it after the moments of silence, and they see lawmakers who love their guns more than they love our kids. None of that is going to change until we get a leader who is willing to go big on the issues we take on, be bold in the solutions we offer, and do good in the way that we govern. I’m ready to solve these problems. I’m running for president of the United States (cheers).

Tim: So gun control will be Swalwell’s big issue, but he’s gained notoriety by hurling scurrilous accusations at Trump all over the airwaves. Here was Swalwell advancing his Trump-Russia conspiracy theory before the Mueller report was completed and then after, when Trump was cleared of collusion.

Swalwell (before Mueller report was complete): I’ve seen plenty of evidence of collusion. We have very good circumstantial evidence that the Trump team, the family, the businesses were eager to work and were working with the Russians while the Russians were helping them. I think, in the court of law, that’s enough.

Swalwell (after report was complete): Just because you are criminally a non-colluder doesn’t mean that we don’t want to know what evidence Bob Mueller found about efforts you, and your team, and your family, and your business took to work with the Russians.

Tim: All Russia, all the time. Swalwell has about as good a chance of winning the presidency as Kirsten Gillibrand, the back-bench senator from New York. All you need to know about Gillibrand is what she says here about the last Democrat presidential nominee.

Kirsten Gillibrand: Hillary Clinton put 65 million cracks in that highest and hardest glass ceiling. She’s inspired the world by her bravery and courage to do what she thought was right, to run for president twice, to be a national leader for her whole life. She’s given her life to public service. And so, for me, Secretary Clinton is still a role model for all of us.

Tim: Okay. Hillary Clinton is a role model for all women. Good luck convincing Democrats of that. But while everyone knows Gillibrand is going nowhere, it appears that the independent senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, is going somewhere, and his signature issue this time around is eliminating all private health insurance and replacing it with a $30 trillion dollar-plus Medicare-for-all program run entirely by the government. A true single-payer system, as he outlined during an interview on CBS, is another new right.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders: Health care is a human right, whether you’re old or young or rich or poor. Everybody in the United States of America, richest country on earth, is entitled to health care as a right. Second of all, the current health care system that we have is completely dysfunctional. You got 30 million people without any health insurance and even more who are under-insured with high deductibles and high co-payments. Then on top of that, you’ve got parts of the country where people who do have health insurance can’t even find a doctor.

Tim: And exactly whose fault is that? It’s called Obamacare, passed without a single Republican vote, but it’s as if the disaster that is Obamacare was somehow a concoction of Trump and the evil Republicans. But notice how Bernie simply declares that health care is a right. Now, where is that written? Our rights are outlined in the Constitution, but Democrats are coming up with new extraconstitutional rights all the time, as if their personal belief that something’s a right is enough to make it a right. See how that works?

Finally, we thought you’d like to hear from the man who was on the other side of the ginned-up Russia collusion delusion. Russian President Vladimir Putin weighed in this week.

Vladimir Putin (via translator): Russia knows full well that it didn’t interfere in any elections in the U.S. Moreover, there was no collusion that Mr. Mueller was trying to find between President Trump and Russia. We didn’t know of Mr. Trump. Yes, he did come to Moscow as a businessman, but it was not a big event for us. It was simply absurd, and it was meant for internal audience, and it was used for political purposes.

Tim: Ya think? Old Vladi must’ve been sitting around laughing at us for the last two years, wondering just why Democrats were willing to fall on their swords for the sake of a fantasy.

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