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Rule of Law Sacrificed on the Altar of Progress

by | Oct 1, 2018 | Articles, Politics

In Sharia – Islamic law – the testimony of a woman counts for half of that of a man. To get a man convicted of rape under Islamic law, at least three female witnesses need to testify against the man. Most people in the West find such a sexist law to be barbaric, and yet the progressive branch of the Democratic party holds an even more uncivilized position: An alleged victim of rape or sexual assault should always be believed. All other testimonies should be given zero weight. This is even more sexist than Sharia.

The most egregious example of such abuse of the equality under the law is the confirmation hearing of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, in which the witness accounts of four people, including one woman, is given less weight than that of the alleged victim.

Sadly, this may not be a fluke. The disregard of juridical principles that have evolved and been tested over thousands of years, such as the presumption of innocence, falls into a greater pattern of progressivism: The rejection of all accumulated wisdom.

This may sound like hyperbole, but the clue lies in the very name of progressivism. Most people are not against progress. On the contrary, conservatives love it, but they recognize how excruciatingly difficult it is to achieve. That’s why every time someone makes actual progress they try to preserve its hard-earned fruits. They know that all that is needed for the benefits of progress to be wiped out is for good people to do nothing.

It has been said that every generation, society is invaded by a horde of barbarians: Children. They come without the wisdom of the ages, and they will challenge old ideas and replace them with their own, usually bad ones. Once functional solutions have been destroyed by folly they are not easily brought back. Therefore, conservatives are unwilling to give up working solutions for new and untested ones; they want to see evidence that what is claimed to be progress is better and more sustainable before they buy into it.

Progressives, however, view progress as a value to the exclusion of everything else. That’s why they name their ideology after the word “progress.” Think about what that means for a moment. If you hold progress as your highest value, it implies that you must have a low opinion of everything that already exists. They think progress is easy and so they don’t mind ruining things that took thousands of years of blood, sweat and tears to create, refine and defend.

History Repeating

Progressives have torn down civilizations before too. Have you ever wondered why Christians from an early time were so much against abortion and praised the family? Caesar Augustus blamed the plummeting birth rates on homosexuals, promiscuity and abortion. In a public speech he praised married men for “replenishing the fatherland.” To the unmarried men he complained that “you are bent on annihilating our entire race and … upon destroying and bringing to an end the entire Roman nation … you are committing murder in not begetting in the first place those who ought to be your descendants.”

Christianity became a world religion in the ancient Roman empire and was a backlash and reaction to the rampant sexual depravity and abortion among Roman citizens. Christians replaced the progressive Romans as much through the birth canal as through conversion. With the advent of the Christian Emperor Constantin, abortion was finally abolished.

A Nation of Laws?

The Constitution is a piece of wisdom passed onto us from exceptional people who lived in an exceptional era. It is no coincidence that progressives are violating a core principle of the rule of law such as the presumption of innocence to oppose judges who they perceive will defend the Constitution. It stands in the way of their progressive ideals and so must be destroyed.

They fail to understand that the Western system of constitutional rule and protection of individual rights is the progress. There is nothing new about the methods the progressives are using in their pursuit of power. You can find them in every banana republic throughout history.

Those who cherish the progress that has already been achieved need to understand that it will disappear if not defended. The ongoing fight with progressives is a struggle about whether America shall remain a nation of laws or regress into a less civilized era.

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