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NFL to Bud Light: “Hold My Beer”

Some folks just refuse to learn from the mistakes of others.

by | Sep 24, 2023 | Articles, Columns, Opinion

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It’s harvest time across the heartland, and most folks are too busy in the field to worry about what President Joe Biden is doing or not doing and whether he’s on vacation again. Many believe if he stays away from the Oval Office, he won’t abuse the nation anymore with Executive Orders scratched out on the Resolute Desk. Yet there are news tidbits that have tongues wagging around small towns. Just when flyover folks feel they can’t be surprised anymore by politics in this world, they get hit with “spirit cooking” Ambassadors, a senator’s crocodile tears, and a transgender NFL cheerleader.

Hey Zelensky, What Have You Done?

The craziness of American politics may have rubbed off on the comic-turned-president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. Serbian “Spirit Cooking” artist Marina Abramović had leaked the great and honorable news to The Telegraph: “I have been invited by Zelensky to be an ambassador of Ukraine, to help the children affected by rebuilding schools and such.”

The 76-year-old artist has been cruising political circles for a while now. In fact, in 2015 Tony Podesta tried to get his brother, John Podesta of the Clinton administration, to join him for a “Spirit Cooking dinner” at Abramović’s home. You simply cannot make this stuff up. But neither is this kind of political pandering surprising.

One of the artist’s installations is simply a message written in pig’s blood: “With a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of the left hand. Eat the pain.” At the Foxhole pub in Warren County, IN, Randall Stine was dumbstruck and stared as if he really hadn’t heard what he had heard. After an uncomfortable beat, worrying pals he was having a Mitch McConnell moment, he blinked, drained his drink, knocked on wood, and said: “Please tell me I have finally seen it all.”

“We’re on the verge of WWIII, and THIS is what’s on his mind?” Commented Joel Hines in Nashville. He continued, “THIS is what he chooses as a priority during wartime? Feeling duped yet, America?”

Renee Hathcoat went deep into the subject matter of the artist. The Coloradan possibly thought this was a practical joke, “’Aphrodisiac recipes’ offered up require a few less than appetizing ingredients like blood, fingernails, semen, breastmilk, and ‘fresh morning urine’—as written in Abramović’s ‘cookbook’ composed in 1996. You drink it. This is the woman involved with the Podestas, Clintons, Epstein…the creepy stuff in the WikiLeaks. AND Zelensky wants her to help the country rebuild its school system ‘to help the children affected by rebuilding schools and such.’”

Tears? Really? Buck Up. You Are in Congress

Pennsylvania’s incapacitated senator, John Fetterman, began to cry during a US Senate Special Committee on Aging, launching his own pity party. Witnesses with disabilities attended and shared their stories before the committee. Fetterman made the whole show all about him and the mean things people have said about his illnesses and inability to communicate. “Because I live in a political environment. I was ridiculed and made fun of because I wasn’t able to process things sometimes or say things I’m so sorry that I’m sure many of you had to go through this kind of thing.”

But lack of “process” is not why the Democrats and Republicans alike are making Fetterman cry. It’s his disheveled appearance, which has some progressive folks calling for a dress code change. Fetterman has few, if any, fans in the heartland. In East Jordan, MI, Cindy Osburn chided the whiny senator: “Oh spare me….dress like an adult for pities sake.”

Continuing to make friends and influence people, Fetterman released this statement: “If those jagoffs [sic] in the House stop trying to shut our government down and fully support Ukraine, then I will save democracy by wearing a suit on the Senate floor next week.” That didn’t go over well with Quentin Enderle, who took time from the field and his dogs to remark: “The guy is first to lash out and mouth off to people yet will cry when anyone comments to or about him … try being a better human, and perhaps he could get sympathy.”

Ric Davies in Clinton Township, MI, also wondered why the man was blabbering about his hurt feelings when he should focus on more important things: “Making fun? No, just stating the obvious…he’s not mentally fit to serve and should step down.”

NFL Did Not Learn the Bud Light Lesson

The Carolina Panthers have three transgender cheerleaders on the TopCats Squad, and one, Justine Linsay, clad in a skimpy outfit, is speaking out to Elle magazine. He also outed the other two by naming Chris Crawford and Tyrese Neale. Lindsay says the cheer squad represents the ideal.

GettyImages-1427681782-min NFL

(Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images)

“I want to change the narrative for my trans sisters and brothers, just to let them know that if you have a goal, go for it,” he said. “Turn that dream into a reality. Be an NFL cheerleader, or a doctor, or a nurse, or whatever you set your mind to.”

Randy Ziegler in Archbold, OH, advised, “Guessing it might be a good time to pull the nonprofit organization distinction from the very liberal NFL. Pay some taxes, less money to fund stupid (poop emoji) like that.”

“F#$K the NFL,”  Kent Laas in Ness City, KS, stated. “I haven’t watched the NFL since the racist MFer took a knee for our National Anthem!” And finally, in Charlotte, Thomas Cargo compared it to the last transgender debacle intended to change up the “Frat boy” image cultivated over 70 years or so: “The level of stupidity being sought here is beyond belief. The NFL will soon be the next Bud Light. Well done, morons!” Randall Stine had a comment, as well, but it wasn’t fit to print.

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