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NASCAR Goes Woke

The alienation of rednecks, conservatives, hillbillies, and city slickers everywhere.

by | Jan 8, 2022 | Columns, Opinion, Politics

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It was an epic loss of respect and support – in a matter of seconds – as the alienation of rednecks, conservatives, hillbillies, and city slickers became even more painfully evident. Flyover folks, Heartlanders, and NASCAR fans went ballistic over a stock car. At the same time, friends and conservatives turned their collective shoulder on a Texas senator for talking out of school over the Capitol protest on January 6, 2021. So how does this continue to happen, an inquisitive soul might query? Simple: Sports management and pandering politicians do not have the ability, nor the cojones, as they say on the street, to stop the madness afoot.

They Them Xe Xim – Start Your Engines

AUTO: OCT 02 NASCAR Xfinity Series Playoff - Sparks 300

Brandon Brown (Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The weight of bearing a heavy mantle of independence was finally just too much for NASCAR bigwigs sporting polo shirts and ball caps to look the part for fans. Nearly two years ago, after unveiling the politically charged Black Lives Matter car for Bubba Wallace – much to the dismay of folks who wanted the sport to stay apolitical – the self-appointed knowers of all things banned the “Let’s Go Brandon” car driven by Brandon Brown.

Brown drives for family-owned Brandonbilt Motorsports and earlier this week displayed his shiny new wrapped car for the public with the now universal chant emblazoned across the body. Okay, granted, the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” can mean different things to different folks. But the hypocrisy of the move by NASCAR President Steve Phelps is not lost on the sport’s zealous fans. As Mr. Phelps described at the Phoenix International Raceway last November, “I think, unfortunately, it speaks to the state of where we are as a country. We do not want to associate ourselves with politics, the left or the right.”

It appears Phelps forgot the BLM car flying around the oval tracks but never winning a title. That car cannot be political, now can it? Fans have pondered for less than an entire second. In Frisco, TX, Ken Ratliff mused, “NASCAR needs to be reminded who their customers are.”

The abject hypocrisy was not lost on Mark Dedrickson of Chippewa Falls, WI: “Another sports venue caving to socialcrats demands. Are they pulling the BLM car as well?” Phil Graziano of Chicago went a tad further, “How come they can put the communist BLM on cars but not LGB, which is capitalist. Why is NASCAR going woke?”

Racing fans can expect the few people left in the stands to continue chanting for Brandon Brown. Heck, even Joe Biden has publicly declared, “Let’s Go, Brandon.”

Why Is Ted Cruz Sabotaging a Presidential Run?

GettyImages-1237549419 Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz (Photo by Tom Williams-Pool/Getty Images)

In chambers on January 6, 2022, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) declared the events that took place one year ago were “a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol.” You could’ve heard a pin drop in conservative circles at coffee shops, pubs, and gathering places across the nation. Several folks immediately said the Lord’s Prayer for the instant death of a political career. Yet, even liberals had a hard time digesting what Cruz had blurted out – unsure of whether to applaud the man or flee in fear that the body snatchers had returned to earth.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson was the brave soul who trudged through a litany of angry electorate outrage and decided to give the senator a forum to recant. Cruz appeared testy and claimed, “Yesterday, I used a dumb choice of words, and unfortunately, a lot of people are misunderstanding what I meant.” How hard is it to understand “terrorist?” And so, Tucker schooled the man by saying, “I don’t believe that for a moment.” Cruz wasn’t even given the salt before being served Crow.

And Tucker wasn’t the only person to find the “dumb” excuse implausible. In Las Vegas, one man, Russ Gulisano, seemed to speak for all: “Okay Ted, I am a loyal supporter, but you seriously need to apologize, say you were wrong, or your new name may become Turncoat Ted.”

Ay caramba! Not a suitable moniker for a patriot.

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