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None So Blind – Nadler Denies Portland Antifa

Jerry Nadler mythologizes Antifa, willfully blind to mayhem in Portland and Seattle.

Remember the impeachment orchestrator Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY)? The elected official who made the headlines every day for months? Well, he has recently resurfaced in social media circles for saying Antifa is a myth. At least we know he still gets the Democratic weekly talking points memo.

Precisely, he was found slothing his way to a dented car when confronted by a couple of regular Joes and a Jill who asked him about the worldwide terror group Antifa – specifically how its followers are torching the city of Portland. Nadler appeared to squirm, yet delivered the scripted reply without his pesky mask: “That’s, that’s a myth spreading only in Washington, D.C.”

And off he scrambled, as only Mr. Nadler can scramble, toward his ride.

Portland – Nothing to See Here

If Mr. Nadler is indeed correct – and the hundreds of black-clothed and masked people protesting, looting, destroying, and shooting each other do not exist – then the Portland Police Department certainly did not receive that particular message. The authorities report destruction, shots fired, self-inflicted wounds, and murder. Police were alerted to an abandoned bag and upon investigation found loaded rifle magazines and Molotov cocktails.

One police report detailed events at the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse:

“People blocked streets in the area around the courthouse. They spent hours yelling, chanting, banging on the fence and throwing objects over it. At about 11:45 p.m. people began launching mortar-style fireworks over the fence. A short time later people climbed over the fence, entering the portico. At about that time a group lit a large fire in Lownsdale Square Park. People in the crowd continually picked at the fence. Some gathered with shields and umbrellas to cover a person trying to cut through it.”

And then, in true liberal fashion, made sure to let everyone know, “Portland Police did not participate in dispersing these crowds, did not make any arrests and did not deploy CS gas.” Oh, yes, the report intimated that Trump’s federal officers were on the streets and in unmarked cars rounding up thugs.

Liberty Nation’s Kelli Ballard has been following Antifa and BLM protests and CHAZ/CHOP zones for months, living near the continual disruption in Seattle. Her take on Nadler’s indifference is crystal clear and somewhat combative:

“Myth, my patootie! Anyone who spouts that nonsense is choosing to be blind. You can’t go a single day without hearing about the violence, protests, and destruction going on in the country. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) was tear-gassed while trying to show support for the protesters — who, by the way, resented him being there. The ‘peaceful’ demonstrators barricaded police inside their building and tried to set fire to it, chanting about burning them alive. A myth in D.C., Nadler? Open your eyes, visit Portland and Seattle, oh, and put your damn mask on!”

Phew. But Ballard speaks for the peaceful people under attack 24/7 in these Antifa-occupied zones where local government officials hide and hope the aggressive and destructive elements don’t come calling in their neighborhoods. Mr. Nadler’s callous indifference to innocent Americans thrust on the front lines of an escalating racial war is simply offensive. Myth. Even Mr. Nadler won’t be safe if Antifa stops by for a visit.


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