The Democrat party says the Russia collusion investigation is not about politics. However, the lead investigator, Robert Mueller, managed to put together a team of investigators with plenty of Democrat donors. Now, we know about the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok saga. The investigation has found no evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russians to win the election. This week a report came out that Mueller is placing the Obstruction of Justice portion of the investigation to the side “for now,” meaning one thing. There is no obstruction of justice either.

James Comey and Robert Mueller are friends. The accord between both of them should beg the question as to whether or not Mueller is conducting an unbiased investigation. Undoubtedly, Comey was embarrassed when fired. Mueller is in a position to serve retribution on President Trump for this slight to his friend.

Pure politics

The Democrat party insists the Mueller investigation is strictly about Russian collusion and not about politics. However, that is not true. The Russian Collusion investigation is pure politics. The last year and a half have produced nothing that shows the Trump campaign and Russia colluded to win the presidency. Obama claimed the United States’ voting system was too decentralized and complicated to hack. He has not made that claim since Trump won. Why? Simply put- politics.

We are in March. We are approximately less than seven months away from the midterm elections. Mueller is one of the swamp creatures. If he releases the results and there is no evidence of obstruction, Trump will have seven months to flaunt. However, if there is alleged evidence of obstruction, groups like Judicial Watch have time to submit a Freedom of Information Act, which could expose holes in the case, causing the charge to become weak at best. Mueller and the Democrat Party must have something to hang over Trump’s head in an attempt to gain political leverage. This is why the Obstruction of Justice portion of the investigation has been put aside.

Obstruction or obstructionist?

Mueller is investigating three different angles for Obstruction of Justice. The first one is Trump’s firing of Comey, but that act was Constitutional. The second part is a statement of purpose between Don Jr. and a Russian lawyer meeting at Trump Tower in June of 2016. Leftists are alleging the meeting was political opposition research. Ok? It is not illegal to get opposition research. Furthermore, the Steele dossier is based on “intelligence” from Russia. Lastly, Mueller is looking into allegations that Trump considered firing Mueller.

This investigation is about perception. Can Mueller continue the collusion and obstruction perception long enough to make a difference in November?

The longer this investigation goes, the better things look for Trump. A year and a half should have produced evidence by now. Instead, there are petty process crimes that have nothing to do with the original reason for the investigation to begin.

Democrats need to keep pushing a negative narrative. How else can they compete with Trump’s ever-growing string of successes?


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