Schadenfreude is pleasure derived from the misfortune of others.  It is, therefore, generally abominable or at least repulsive.  Unless.  Unless the others are experiencing the misfortune, have done something evil/horrible/revolting thing which makes their misfortune palatable.  If their misfortune relates to their misdeeds though – then many of us feel free to rejoice in that misfortune.

Today we can rejoice in Mizzou’s continuing death spiral.  “The University of Missouri confirmed Friday that the incoming freshman class on the Columbia campus would shrink by almost 17 %, making it the smallest in almost twenty years as the school continues to suffer steep enrollment losses.”  Even that number soft-pedals the extent of the situation.  Just how bad is it?  Here’s a number that puts it into perspective: The new freshman class this fall will have 40% fewer students than the seniors who will graduate the following spring.

So, the question may be asked, just why are we rejoicing in the institution’s lack of enrollment?

You will recall in the fall of 2015 when the University of Missouri, Columbus administration essentially granted control of the university to a mob of black students.  They wanted to seize control for the purpose of instituting a program of race-based education and existence.  Their demands – are an existence where black and minority students, faculty, staff, and administration are given strong preferences over whites.  Based solely on the color of their skin.  Surely the loss of this kind of thinking and instruction is to be celebrated.

Yes, they did fire Melissa Click in a split-decision, the journalism professor who asked “Hey who wants to help me get this reporter out of here. I need some muscle over here!”  What they haven’t done is give unequivocal support for students to be able to use the university for its intended purpose.  Just last week the school released new rules for protesting.  They include prohibitions on camping on campus and the use of amplified sound.  Fiddling while Rome burns?  Unless perhaps you lived in the town, why would you attend this school?  Why would any parent send their kid there?

Since the protests began, the University administration has not come around to free speech, and that’s why it is appropriate to celebrate its downfall.  Perhaps it’s because there has only been interim leadership these past years, but a university without free speech is one not worth the name, and we should welcome its demise.  Training more graduating classes in diversity awareness and not how to respond to assertions and arguments one vehemently disagrees with, without violence is perhaps why the school continues to lose students.

The bright side is that people are responding to this and other outrages on campus.  As detailed by Andrew Moran on Liberty Nation here, alumni are expressing their displeasure with administrations like these around the country by withholding funds.  Hopefully, Mizzou can and does respond to the market with policies that celebrate academic freedom, free speech, and racial neutrality.  If not we welcome its demise.

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