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LN Radio 8/2/20 – Are the Walls Closing in on Big Tech?

With left and right in rare agreement, the corporate giants of the 21st century should be afraid - very afraid.

by | Aug 2, 2020 | Articles, Audio, LN Radio, Politics

Big tech goes under the klieg lights of Congress and gets hit from all sides. Does this mean big changes ahead for Facebook, Amazon, Google and the other online corporate giants? And how would those changes affect the election now just three months away? Plus, is Black Lives Matter being taken over by white progressives with an agenda far more expansive than racial justice? And how much do Americans actually know about the self-professed beliefs of BLM? Also, how an entire continent dominated by Marxism and socialism should serve as yet another reminder, as if we needed one, of the nightmare of communism now being unleashed after dark in the great cities of America. We’ll be joined by Sarah Cowgill and Andrew Moran of LibertyNation.com, along with Legal Affairs Editor Scott Cosenza for talkin’ liberty.

Click for a videocast of this episode of LN Radio. For more episodes click here.

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