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LN Radio 7/12/20 – Civilization at Stake – Can Trump Close the Deal?

Trump is the first president in almost a century to face reelection as the underdog.

by | Jul 12, 2020 | Articles, Audio, LN Radio, Politics

As President Trump deals with the withering challenges of a stubborn virus that’s now infected some three million Americans and a de facto communist uprising in the streets – aided, abetted, and validated by Trump-deranged elite media – the president fights back. But he’s down in the pollswill he embrace the role of underdog one more time, as he did in 2016? Plus, what to make of the breathless NY Times report about Russians offering or paying a bounty to kill US soldiers? We talk over the much-debated story with LibertyNation.com defense and foreign policy expert Dave Patterson. Plus, we’ll detail a most consequential week at the Supreme Court – big decisions on religious freedom, Trump taxes, and robocalls – with LibertyNation.com Legal Affairs Editor Scott Cosenza in talkin’ liberty.

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