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Let’s Go Brandon! Rejecting Reality to Keep Biden Afloat

Up is down, black is white, things that happened didn’t happen.

The hallmark of authoritarianism is an unrelenting propaganda campaign to convince the people everything they previously believed is not true and everything the regime tells them – no matter how incredulous it seems – is reality. In the U.S., of late, the political left has taken this practice to ridiculous extremes: Men can have babies, a $3.5 trillion spending bill “costs zero dollars,” illegal immigrants don’t require vaccinations because they aren’t planning on remaining in the country, and fans at sporting events aren’t really chanting “f—k Joe Biden,” but “let’s go Brandon!”

New banner Opinion 1Recently, crowds at various sporting events, particularly college football games, have been voicing their displeasure – using explicit language – at the man who is allegedly running the country. There really is no disputing what these fans are chanting. Still, that didn’t stop one NBC sports reporter, Kelli Stavast, from attempting to spin it differently. While interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, who had just claimed victory at the Talladega Superspeedway, she observed that the fans were chanting “let’s go Brandon!”

To be fair, Stavast might be hard of hearing. Perhaps she genuinely thought the fans were yelling encouragement of the winning driver. Clearly, though, they were not. It was another “mostly peaceful” moment for the TV networks that have abandoned all pretense of truthful and objective reporting in favor of heavy-handed left-wing propaganda.

Mostly Truthful?

Back in 2020, during the riots in Kenosha, WI, CNN’s Omar Jimenez filed a live report as a mob behind him set fire to buildings. As he spoke, a graphic below him read, “fiery but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting.” Jimenez himself also used the term “mostly peaceful,” going on to describe the violence and mayhem as “an expression of anger and frustration.”

CNN’s Omar Jimenez

Contrast this with the January 6 pro-Trump rally in Washington, D.C. Not a single building or vehicle was set on fire, no looting took place, and nobody was killed by the protestors – contrary to what the left-wing activist media reported. CNN, NBC, and other news outlets, to this day, describe the D.C. rally as “deadly,” “lethal,” and portray it as an attempted insurrection and act of domestic terrorism.

Democrats in Congress, urged on by Joe Biden, are in the process of trying to push through many trillions of dollars in new spending. Unbelievably, Biden claimed this new spending “costs zero dollars” and “adds zero dollars to the national debt.” These assertions barely merit a rebuttal, so fanciful are they. Even if all these new projects and programs were paid for with taxes – another claim that isn’t even close to being true – it still costs money. Regardless of how or from where the government will obtain the money to pay for the spending, it still must be paid for. Thus, it doesn’t cost “zero dollars.”

Accept Our Truth or Else

Up is down, black is white, left is right, and things that happened didn’t really happen. The lies being told aren’t even subtle any more; they are blatant and beyond question. It is as if the Biden regime and its party faithful have so much contempt for the American people that any effort to subtly mislead has been abandoned in favor of now demanding that people accept what they are told no matter how obvious it is that it’s nonsense.

Parents objecting to their children being taught Critical Race Theory are branded racists, even though many of those voicing their opposition to CRT are black. The theory itself is racist by definition, since it begins with the premise that all white people are oppressors and all black people lack the character, strength, and intelligence to avoid being oppressed. These protesting parents are now being called terrorists.

Yet again, the prevailing political narrative portrays an alternate reality and those who question it are derided and demonized – or, worse still, punished by being terminated from their jobs or even investigated by the FBI. Perhaps it is time Americans had a frank conversation about who the real fascists are.

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