By now it should come as no surprise that flagrant hypocrisy is the left’s primary way of dealing with a variety of issues. Groups aligned with the left purport to fight fascism while using fascist tactics to shut down the free speech of conservatives. Social justice warriors claim that they oppose racism while marginalizing white people because of the color of their skin. Their approach to religion remains the most significant hypocrisy of all.

The Left has portrayed itself as the party of acceptance for decades. Through institutions like universities and the establishment media, they have maligned their political opponents as bigots. Although they claim to respect all religious traditions, Christianity has served as one of their favorite targets in academia, culture, and the media.

A history professor at Northern Arizona University attempted to punish a student for reading his Bible in her classroom before the beginning of the lecture. She reported him to the History Department Chair when the student refused to put his Bible away. Scenarios such as this have become commonplace. Christian students routinely deal with attacks on their faith, which is not surprising when you consider the fact that the majority of professors identify themselves as liberals.

Leftists culturally oppose Christianity by promoting television shows and movies that characterize Christians as intolerant and ignorant. The upcoming Hulu television show “A Handmaid’s Tale” is a prime example. Based on a novel by Margaret Atwood, the show tells the story of an America that has been taken over by a Christian theocracy. This clerical regime forces women to bear the children of wealthy men whose wives are barren. “Orange Is The New Black” is another show that depicts believers in a negative light. One of the characters is a Catholic in prison for murdering an abortion clinic worker. Unfortunately, shows such as these aren’t rare; one would be hard-pressed to find television programs that paint Christians as normal, decent people.

As always, the establishment media serves as a constant critic of Christianity. They perpetuate the narrative that accuses Christians of creating an environment of intolerance. When Omar Mateen killed 49 people at a gay club in Orlando, the media did its best to deflect the nation’s attention away from the fact that Mateen was a Muslim. Instead, they made it seem as if Christians were to blame for creating a climate of hatred against homosexuals. CNN’s Anderson Cooper accused Florida’s attorney general of being a hypocrite after she expressed support for the victims because she opposes same-sex marriage.

Interestingly enough, the left does not hold the same beliefs about other religions. When a Muslim carries out a terrorist attack, the press immediately rises to the defense of Islam. They immediately take to the airwaves to tell the American public that most who practice the religion are peaceful, law-abiding citizens – while slamming anyone who comments on the connection between Islam and terrorism.

When Christian bakers or florists refuse to serve homosexual weddings, the establishment media covers the story in a way that makes them out to be intolerant. Of course, they ignore the fact that Muslims also believe homosexuality is a sin. In 2015, Comedian and former Fox News contributor Steven Crowder went to bakeries owned by Muslims posing as a gay man who wished to have them bake a cake for his wedding. Crowder stated that while many bakeries were willing to grant his request, there were others who refused. The video received over five million views, but the fourth estate had “no comment.” Even worse, they insist on portraying Christians as homophobic while ignoring the brutal treatment of gays in Islamic nations.

One must admit, the left has been rather effective in branding themselves as tolerant. It has served Democrats well in the political arena, as rattling on about acceptance has enabled the left to slander conservatives by calling them bigots. The problem is that they have shown that they are not as inclusive as they claim. Americans have seen through their hypocrisy – and they have rejected it. The left cannot hope to become relevant once again if they are unwilling to practice what they preach.

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