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Soros Money Bombs: The Globalist Billionaire Is a Busy Boy in 2024

From district attorney offices to radio stations, Soros seems to be buying America.

It’s an election year and, by now, you should know what that means. Progressive globalist billionaire George Soros is on the loose on multiple fronts, and his overarching reach is profoundly influencing US politics, culture, and the judicial system.

“Soros’ Fund for Policy Reform poured $60 million into the Democracy PAC in the first quarter of this year, which then funneled millions of dollars into top Democratic committees benefiting House and Senate races, along with other liberal groups, FEC records posted on April 15 show,” Fox News reports.

“Of the $21 million that Democracy PAC sent to a dozen left-wing groups, $8 million was evenly divided between a pair of top outside groups benefitting House and Senate Democrats, $2.5 million to Planned Parenthood, $2.5 million to BlackPAC and $1.8 million to American Bridge, a Democratic opposition research firm,” the network relates.

Connecting the Soros Cash Dots

It’s business as usual for Soros. He has funneled massive amounts of money to Democrat candidates via his Democracy PAC ventures over the years. “Democracy PAC, which has served as one of Soros’ major political spending vehicles since 2019, received another eight-figure infusion of cash from Soros earlier this month, according to a person directly familiar with the group’s new Federal Elections Commission filing,” Politico reported in December 2022. “It’s the latest sign that Soros will continue to play an enormous role in the Democratic campaign finance ecosystem, particularly ahead of the next presidential election.”

Indeed he will. One group enjoying a 2024 Soros windfall deserves special mention. “Democracy PAC also sent… $1 million to the ColorOfChange PAC,” Fox notes.

New banner Perpective 2This organization highlights how Soros shuffles his donations into front groups to avoid direct funding. His most infamous recent example: Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is leading the Big Apple’s lawfare assault on presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

His media allies help provide even more separation.

Trump has stated that “Bragg is a ‘radical left, George Soros-backed prosecutor,’” CNN wrote in a ludicrous April 5 “fact check” of a speech made by the former president. “Facts First: This needs context,” the network continued. What follows has little to do with offering accurate information and everything to do with providing spin for a political party dominated by Soros money:

“Soros, a longtime supporter of Democratic district attorney candidates who favor criminal justice reform, did support Bragg’s election campaign indirectly: he was a major donor to a liberal political action committee, Color of Change PAC, that says it spent just over $500,000 on an independent expenditure effort in support of Bragg’s candidacy.

“Soros spokesman Michael Vachon told CNN: ‘Between 2016 and 2022, George Soros personally and Democracy PAC (a PAC to which Mr. Soros has contributed funds) have together contributed roughly $4 million to Color of Change’s PAC, including $1 million in May 2021. None of those funds were earmarked for Alvin Bragg’s campaign. George Soros and Alvin Bragg have never meet in person or spoken by telephone, email, Zoom etc. There has been no contact between the two.

That’s how it works. Implausible denial filtered through a biased journalism model.

Bay Area Backlash

You will never see the dominant establishment media, many of whom have “indirect” ties of their own to Soros, report the disastrous effects of his successful efforts to purchase major local DA offices throughout the country. You know things are bad when woke California has had all it can stomach from the non-crime-fighting authorities Soros eased into office.

“An effort to recall a progressive, George Soros-funded district attorney in California has received enough signatures from voters to advance amid an upswing in crime, officials say,” The Daily Signal reported April 17.

“Organizers seeking to oust Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price collected 74,757 verified signatures in support of their effort to hold a recall election, over 1,000 more than needed, county Registrar of Voters Tim Dupuis announced” April 15, the news site related.

Again, we stress: Soros lifted up and dropped Price into her position.

“Price’s 2018 campaign for district attorney received $700,000 from the California Justice and Public Safety PAC, which is almost entirely funded by Soros,” The Daily Signal details.

In 2022, fed-up San Franciscans succeeded in recalling hardline leftist DA Chesa Boudin. The chances of ousting a second Bay Area radical are surprisingly good.

“Joshua Spivak, a senior research fellow at Berkeley Law’s California Constitution Center, said his review of nearly 1,200 recall elections from 2011 to 2023 shows that 61 percent of the time, the official facing a recall is removed from office,” The San Jose Mercury News reports. “There’s a reason that a recall got to the ballot, because there are a group of voters who are motivated, who are engaged, who are upset about this issue, and they’re going to come out and make sure to vote,” Spivak told the paper.

‘Bigger Audio Buying Spree’

Soros is also moving to dominate the American radio dial. He’s off to a grand start, with plans to expand his ventures significantly in the near future.

“In February, the company became the largest shareholder in Audacy, the bankrupt second-largest radio company in the US, with more than 230 US stations and a podcast arm that includes Cadence13 and Pineapple Street Studios,” Semafor observed April 7. “In 2022, Soros invested an undisclosed amount in Crooked Media, the liberal podcast network behind the ultra-popular Pod Save America. And a Soros-backed firm played a crucial role in Univision’s $60 million sale in 2022 of 18 Hispanic radio stations to a new firm run by veterans of Democratic politics,” the news site added.

He wants more.

“The move into the troubled radio business could be the beginning of a bigger audio buying spree, three people who have been involved in discussions with Soros executives said,” Semafor disclosed. “The fund has also privately discussed acquiring other major radio companies, such as the limping, publicly traded Cumulus Media. (Regulations limiting ownership of radio stations put limits on such mergers.)”

When have regulations ever stopped this man who endlessly meddles in the affairs of independent nations with the stated goal of crushing “nationalism” and traditional values? Campaign finance laws appear meaningless to him. He funds DAs who refuse to prosecute criminals. He buys up newspapers and radio stations and controls information. It is not a conspiracy theory nor an overstatement: George Soros poses a very real threat to the survival of an already tottering America.

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