Here’s a fun one for you. I was surfing the web the other day, and since I’m a glutton for punishment, I decided to visit It’s a website that bills itself as a site for “Black news, opinions, politics, and culture.” In reality, it’s a site for hating white people, being obsessed with racism, and hating white people.

In other words, it’s a social justice website. I came across an article titled “How To Make White People Uncomfortable.” It was a tragic attempt at using humor to argue that whites are racists. It gives the reader 50 different gems that will help them elicit discomfort in white Americans. Some of these items include:

  • Be black
  • Talk about the past
  • Walk past buildings
  • Have an appropriate response to a thing a white person or a group of white people did, which can sometimes be anger
  • Remind them that there are people other than white people
  • Drive a car
  • Have money
  • Have a face that is not immediately communicating unbridled joy and mirth
  • Move to a place they live in

Now, The Root usually publishes material that I actually find humorous, even though I disagree with it. But this piece is more asinine than funny. But it did inspire me to make my own version of this list: “How To Make Social Justice Leftists Uncomfortable.”

What Makes Social Justice Warriors Uncomfortable?

So what is the worst thing you can do to a social justice leftist? Give speeches that trigger them? That’s pretty bad, but we can do better. Vote for Trump? Well, it did motivate a group of them to scream at the sky earlier this year.

But that’s not the worst thing we can do. The absolute most infuriating thing to a leftist is to ask questions. That’s right. They hate it when you question their ideas. It puts them in a position where they have to actually defend their ideas. They typically avoid this by calling you a racist/Islamophobe/sexist/misogynist/homophobe. So here are some questions that will be sure to get under their skin.

#1. What Additional Gun Laws Would Have Stopped The Parkland Shooting?

I’ve asked this question on social media numerous times. I have yet to get a decent answer. Why? Because there are no additional gun laws that would decrease mass shootings — except one. They would have to ban all guns. Yep, they would have to seize firearms from every single law-abiding gun owner in the country. While a significant number of Democrats want to ban guns, they won’t say this out loud because they know that the majority of Americans are against such a move.

Moreover, seizing everyone’s guns will not solve the overall problem of gun violence. Most gun homicides are committed by individuals using weapons they obtained illegally. Indeed, only 15% of guns used in homicides were purchased in accordance with the law. But the left doesn’t have an answer for that. So they’ll just scream at the top of their lungs about how you want children to die.

#2. What About Black-On-Black Crime?

The left hates this question. Why? Because Black Lives Matter — the left’s premier race-baiting organization — only deals with police brutality. They only care about black lives when they are taken by police officers. When was the last time you saw Black Lives Matter activists marching in the street because of the rampant gun violence in cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, and Baltimore? Exactly.

Blacks are far more likely to lose their lives at the hands of another black person than a police officer. Indeed, black Americans make up about 13% of the U.S. population but account for over half of the nation’s murder victims. Most of these victims were killed by another black person. The data shows that violent crime in the inner cities is a much more significant threat than police brutality. It’s a tough question, so they’ll likely respond by calling you a racist.

#3. If Whites Are So Privileged, Why Aren’t They All Rich?

The social justice left religiously clings to the notion of intersectionality. Among other erroneous ideas, this feminist theory posits that white Americans live privileged lives. This means that they cannot give an informed opinion on the issues that impact us every day. In reality, it’s a tool they use to silence whites who might disagree with them.

However, the majority of whites are not living in the lap of luxury. While minorities do tend to earn less income than whites, there are plenty of whites who are living in poverty. It’s a bit difficult to tell a white person that they are privileged when they’re worrying how they will make their next rent payment. Moreover, there are plenty of other factors to play into the income gap between minorities and whites — it’s not all about racism.

#4.  Why Does The United States Need To Allow Every Immigrant To Enter The Country?

One of the mantras you will hear the left chant is that “no human is illegal.” According to them, this means that we should not attempt to decrease illegal immigration. Of course, the argument is disingenuous; nobody is saying that these people are illegal. We are arguing that they are breaking the law by entering our country illegally.

However, one of the things that leftists can’t explain is why we need to open our borders to whoever wishes to enter? Why doesn’t any other country do this? If anyone who wants to live in the United States is allowed to enter, how will we deal with the flood of immigrants who will flow across our borders? How many of these people will be dependent on government assistance? Of course, when they are unable to answer, they’ll simply call you a xenophobe and run off to their safe spaces.

These are a few questions you can ask to make a social justice leftist uncomfortable, but they are by no means the only ones. There are plenty of positions that are very difficult to justify when confronted with logic and reason. Stay tuned for the next installment of this series.


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