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Heartlanders Smell a Rat in Latest Feel-good Survey From DOD

Questionnaire for the troops designed to root out the unwoke?

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COLUMN FEATURED PIC SarahThe Department of Defense is handing out last-minute gifts to servicemen and women this year as they continue the crusade to go woke. Active-duty servicemen and women are being sidelined for refusing the COVID vaccination and now, adding insult to injury, those still collecting a stipend for protecting this nation have been delivered a 40-page survey on “workplace and gender relations.” It is strongly suggested all on the payroll hold their nose and respond.

The survey, delivered on Dec. 9, includes a segment titled “Social Perceptions & Experiences,” and some folks think it is designed to identify men who may not feel that women belong on the front lines. This annual pulse check in search of misogyny comes from the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act – the Obama administration’s warm and fuzzy pandering to LGBTQ and the progressives that hope to fight side-by-side with folks who can’t decide on their own gender status. And that is also included in the shiny and updated 2021 survey. There are three boxes to check: Male, female, or transgender.

What Are They up to Now?

Respondents are given the freedom to agree strongly or disagree, and there are even answers for fence-sitters in the “I don’t know or care” middle. Many questions make it apparent that a sissifying plot is underfoot:

  • “Many women have a quality of purity that few men possess.”
  • “Women should be cherished and protected by men.”
  • “Women seek to gain power by getting control over men.”
  • “Every man ought to have a woman whom he adores.”

Whoever wrote this swill has not met the likes of Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), who was blown up serving her country, or Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), who served in Iraq on a twelve-month tour. And let’s not forget former Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ), an Air Force pilot and the first female U.S. fighter pilot to fly in combat. These three women should be offended by survey statements such as “Men are incomplete without women,” “Women exaggerate problems they have at work,” “Once a woman gets a man to commit to her, she usually tries to put him on a tight leash,” and this gem, “When women lose to men in a fair competition, they typically complain about being discriminated against.”

[memberzone align=”left”] The suits and medal-wearers in the Swamp may have lost their way. One Georgia man was nearly beside himself at the news. Griffin Garrett, who served his country, steamed, “The pussification of our military needs to stop. They’re there to put a bullet in the enemy SIMPLE. Our enemies are reading this garbage.”

James Gragg in Las Vegas pointed out what most flyover folks probably think: “Who cares about genders? Fighting is about killing the enemy.” And Madeline Ricci of Texas brought the conversation to a halt with this observation: “Yep, here we are f’ing around with pronouns while China and Russia openly mock us.”

Heartlanders do keep an eye on the stories the activist media avoid, thank God.

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