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Heartlanders Chuckle Over the Kerfluffle in Obama’s Backyard

Don’t immigrants deserve to see the grandeur of their chosen country’s elite?

Editor’s Note: From the Back Forty is Liberty Nation’s longest-running and most popular weekly column. Capturing the truth each week from heartlanders in flyover states, LN gives voice to the hard-working Americans otherwise ignored by the coastal elites.

Heartlanders laughed and laughed this week as illegal migrants were shipped off to a couple of new toney and exclusive locations — in broad daylight. Although the plight and seriousness of an immigrant in a new world, no money, no shelter, and few prospects of either did not go without a lot of prayers, there was justification for flyover frivolity. Calls of hypocrisy against political leaders of sanctuary cities flooded conversations across social media, pubs, Honkey Tonks, and diners as Obama’s backyard destination became news. And to top it off, a rough, unscientific, but the sensible study was performed to drive the immigrant crisis home.

Every time the Abbott Express leaves Texas on a trip to one of many sanctuary cities, an angel laughs, liberals cry “crisis,” and members of the Biden administration claim there is no problem on the US southern border. In a desperate move to bring attention to sanctuary states and cities – that have no desire for a migrant drop – red state leaders have decided to share the care of immigrants. It seems liberal-run sanctuaries do not like the unfair, un-desired financial burden, and sleepy coastal elite liberals are awaking to busloads of non-English speaking folks who want to live in America. It’s a genius move, really. And frankly, don’t those incoming people who want to be Americans deserve to see and experience this magnificent country’s glory?

Obama’s Backyard

Well, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas seems to think that all states – especially those declaring there is no immigrant crisis – do their fair share of taking care of now nearly two million arrivals this year. Destinations have varied each week: The Swamp, New York City, Chicago, and the vice president’s neighborhood, to name a few. But this week, immigrants have been flown from the Lone Star state by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. They are arriving in Martha’s Vineyard, the enclave inhabited by the stupidly rich people with estates, top-notch armed security, and room to stretch out a bit. Much like former President Barack Obama. Some Heartlanders thought the idea was superb.

Morena G González-Castro Hauser holding court in Bettendorf, IA, piped in, “And those two golfers in the attached picture (Obama and Bill Clinton) can really show those newcomers how to have a good time COMING TO AMERICA!”

Martha’s Vineyard officials lost their collective minds, issuing an immediate press release via Twitter about their humanitarian crisis. However, their extensive community of charitable organizations and volunteers had faced the problem head-on with grace and love. All of this for 50 – yes, 50 – illegal immigrants from Venezuela. And now, emergency protocols have been activated right in Obama’s backyard.

Is This Un-American?

GettyImages-1421678990 Barack Obama and Joe Biden

Barack Obama and Joe Biden (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

President Joe Biden came to his former boss’s aid claiming that delivering undocumented immigrants to Democrat-run cities was a political stunt. Or as Biden decreed, “What they’re doing is simply wrong. It’s un-American. It’s reckless.” Has the president changed his tune and his tactics? It wasn’t that long ago that Mr. Biden was packing airplanes – under cover of darkness – and dropping immigrants off in other cities anyway. Apparently, transparency with the undocumented souls is not something that the current administration condones.

Americans disagreed with Joe. Tina Gomez in Corpus Christy had a lingering thought: “I wish I had the nerve to post my sister’s address and other family members that voted for this failure.” And Fairhope, Alabama’s Donald Spradley also piled on, “The southern border WIDE OPEN IS UNAMERICAN!” And Celia Mimi Palmer in Texas called the liberal folks out: “Oh, how inhumane of Republicans, taking 50 people to the slums of Martha’s Vineyard. Seriously, them Dems are messed up people.”

But the real question is, why is it such a hardship on these poor multi-millionaire types? Is it resources, sharing space, or a dragging down of property values?

NIMBY On Their Minds

The Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce estimates that 63% of homes on the island are only seasonally occupied. Hmmm. The number of homes according to US Census data is 14,600. And most have an average of four bedrooms, lots of bathrooms, maid quarters, pool houses, mother-in-law suites, and guest houses for summer visitors. Seems like plenty of room for 50 down-on-their-luck refugees, no? And most are considered to be estates with lots of acres for semi-permanent heated and cooled tents. So, the island’s sleep capacity – and this is the unscientific part – could reach 175,000 or more beds, with 158,200 unoccupied during inclement months.

New Banner Illegal ImmigrationWith a nod to a former frequent MV visitor, RFK, “Some men see things as they are and ask why? I see things as they could be and ask why not?” Doesn’t this sentiment fit nicely with this humanitarian crisis?

On their 29-acre private golf-course-like estate, the Obama’s backyard has hosted hundreds of people for the former president’s birthday – with circus-sized big-top canopies and passed canapes and crudites. But flyover folks had even better ideas for those elitist Democrats in near-blown full panic: you can do even more to walk the talk. In West Frankfort, IL, Debbie Frick noted, “Plenty of room for a windmill field of turbines.” And Joseph Pruzinsky in Clayton, MI, had everyone cackling a bit: “Now it’s time for some single-family affordable housing and low rent sky-rises on the island. Time for equity and diversity. Come on, Martha’s Vineyard, keep up with your preaching.”

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