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Have Trump and the GOP Turned the Election? – LN Radio Videocast

A widely praised convention has energized the GOP base, but will their appeal convert undecided voters?

President Trump and Republicans unleash a blistering assault on Joe Biden and the Democrats at their national convention, as they unveil everyday heroes, inspirational stories of triumph through despair, a full-throated defense of the American way of life, a vigorous defense of Trump’s record and no-holds-barred attacks on their opponentsLibertyNation.com Political Columnist Joe Schaeffer joins in the analysis of what they said and how it is likely to affect the campaign that gets underway in earnest right about now. Plus, we’ll examine the question of which candidate represents the greater risk to the average voter, and LibertyNation.com Editor-in-Chief Leesa K. Donner drills down on presidential polls, famously wrong four years ago, and whether we can trust them this time around.

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