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Flyover Folk Feel for a Baffled Biden

It’s clear to many in the heartland that Joe isn’t quite as sharp as he once was.

Editor’s Note: While the media and other leftist elites ignore the millions of folks living in “flyover” states, they do so at their own peril; it was this silent majority that put President Trump in the White House. Each week, Liberty Nation gives voice to the hard-working heartlanders who are silent no more.

The 2020 election year is certainly an unprecedented oddity. Mail-in balloting, campaign rallies on hold, debates in limbo: It’s all taking a heavy toll, from presidential candidates down to the local county commission races.

President Trump blew Hillary’s support stockings off, holding rally after rally, bringing in 20,000 voters and more to each sold-out event in 2016. The grip and grin events through the early campaign stops, primaries, and caucuses in 2020 were also very hands-on for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). It’s where personalities were positioned to dazzle the electorate.

And local races from state governors to mayors and county officials have all been won or lost on worn-through shoe leather, knocking on neighbor’s doors, shaking hands and attending county fairs, Kiwanis meetings, and holiday picnics.

But in an instant, 200 plus years of American campaign strategies and tactics were relegated to the COVID-19 quarantine. The new and very unfair process heavily favors incumbents. Earned media airtime and name recognition are priceless.

Joe is in the Basement and Not Coming Out

The presumptive Democratic nominee sought a safe space and sheltered in the basement of his Delaware digs. He got internet and learned how to search on “the Google.” He has a heavily scripted and self-fawning podcast that hasn’t taken-off with anyone. But recently, Biden tried his hand on Snapchat’s daily political show hosted by Peter Hamby. It’s aptly named: Good Luck America.

Hamby inquired as to whether Mr. Biden knew about the unflattering nicknames he has acquired and what he planned to do about them. Included in the list were “Sleepy Joe,” “Dementia Joe,” and “Creepy Joe,” and Hamby bluntly challenged Biden with “Basically, there’s an entire discourse on the internet right now that’s painting you as creepy and old and out of touch and kind of lame.”

Folks in the heartland aren’t immune to the feelings of an old man who is seemingly way out of his comfort zone and, at this age, his depth. Being hammered by what Mr. Biden might term as a young whippersnapper who needs a talking to on the No Malarkey tour bus, it isn’t far afield of a general perception the heartland holds of the 77-year-old. Translated: there are a lot of folks blessing the man’s pea-picking heart.

Helen Fairchild in Wyoming said he is looking “tired and drained,” but one woman in Missouri, Margaret Gosen, explained what she saw in Biden’s face. “Watched my brother go through dementia and the light goes out in their eyes and it becomes a blank stare. His certainly has – if you check his pictures from a year ago – it’s obvious.”

A flash of the old Joe Biden emerged with the Hamby interview. Brushing aside the unflattering nicknames, Biden chuckled, fingering Trump as the master with the label gun and said, “I can hardly wait to get onto the stage with Donald Trump.” Yet he also concluded that he is following the experts’ orders and staying at home “to set an example … with this health and economic crisis … This is not politics. This is life.” Yeh, but you gotta leave the house, Joe, to debate Trump.

In Whitewright, TX, Sheryle Gross reached out to Biden’s handlers: “Omg, they’re feeding him so much crap about polls they should (Democrats) be ashamed of putting strings back on Pinocchio Joe.” And that had a lot of folks wondering if Trump would start using “Pinocchio Joe” any time soon.

Meanwhile, Trump is rescheduling his public travel plans and prepping for rallies in every open state he can get to before election day. Daily pressers aside, to flyover folks it appears Mr. Trump is keeping up with COVID-19 and the business of the country.


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